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  1. Hello everyone, in this thread I'll be keeping track of my current projects and updates to the server (this doesn't include all updates to the server - instead just the content that I'm working on). I may not list every small change I do, as some updates are not recognizable to the player. I might also skip certain weeks were I'm busy with school, etc. If you have suggestions for OSRS items please go to Here. List of updates from new to old: Week #1 Cleaning up of old and unused character attributes.(Technical detail: this should make logging in slightly faster by reducing useless attributes that were previously being saved and read in each time you logged). Some small animation fixes.Player instance saving. This is a system that I've been trying to get working although it's still incomplete atm. (Technical detail: this will take advantage of the large amount of RAM we have by using extra memory but make logging faster)Redesign of server-sided item data structure. (Technical detail: I've been able to completely restructure how all item data is held within the memory by using a hash data structure, as a result the complexity went from being linear to constant. e.g. one of the methods that was used to get and total item bonuses would take 4,290,000 operations at worse-case O(n^3). It now takes 129 at worse-case. This method and other methods that used this old system were extremely slow. The greatest impact will be with item switching, as this method and others were called EVERYTIME you switched an item, it should now be at it's near theoretical maximum speed! (apart from your individual ping to the server's location)Login flood protection. (Technical detail: this is to prevent attacks and large amounts of multi-logging)note: even though these things are ready not all of them are in-game yet. Week #2 More cleaning up of the source and working on making things more efficient.(Technical detail: removing unused code, fixing warnings and fixing up misc. code)Perfect Dragon Spear special.(Technical detail: http://2007.runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Dragon_spear exactly the same as mentioned here. Dragon Spear and Dragon Spear (p++) will have new ids from the old ones.)Complete restructuring of how protect items are handled(Technical detail: Items with a value over 500k will be limited at 500k, all normal items (non-pkp, donator, vote) priorities will be cut in half, and all point based items will now be 20k/point (e.g. dragon claws 1000*20k) This will give PKP, Donator, and Vote items higher priority over spawnable items as they have actual value. Cheaper items like OVL pots, easter eggs, etc can still be lost over spawnable items like godswords, as they are on the cheaper end of PKP items.)Week #3 New admin and mod commands added Fully working and correct Overload Potion addedTechnical detail: Exact same as http://2007.runescape.wikia.com/wiki/OverloadSuper Combat PotionTechnical detail: Exact same as http://2007.runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Super_combat_potion (Will cost PKP, and be slightly less than Overloads)Fixed NPC Combat bugWeek #4 No week four content or bugs fixes. I've been on vacation and haven't had any good chances to work on stuff. Although I have done some analyses and come the conclusion that the server is stable enough for me to start doing content updates. This next month I'll start working on bringing 07 features and a resizeable client.Week #5 & 6 For week five and six visit my thread here: http://roatpkz.com/newforum/index.php?/topic/802-osrs-item-request-thread/&page=1Fixed attacking while teleportingTechnical detail: You can no longer attack or move in the teleport animation stateFuture Updates Well, I'm back at school and it turns out I'm not going to have the time to be a developer. It was fun, but school is more important for me. I'm taking 4 upper level classes in CS: Software Engineering, Database 2, Big Data Mining, and Networking where each requires a lot of projects and time learning new things. I'll still be around like always and help out Gretar when he needs it.Green - Completed and ready to implement into next patch Orange - Still working on but nearly ready for release, possibly still needs further bug testing Red - Halted, possibly too many critical bugs that cause multiple issues, or the content being rejected Strikethrough - Removed (This list only includes stuff that I've started and not all of my future ideas)
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