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Roat Pkz Username

Found 4 results

  1. Hi, when I try to open the roast client a window pops up saying 'Roat Pkz launcher' after a few seconds it disappears and nothing happens. how do I fix this?
  2. Roat Pkz Custom Client!Hey friends, i wanna show you how to edit your client make it custom client for you like that Example: Search for the cache "Roatpkzv6" in your windows and enter the folder Go to the file " Sprites " If you wanna change the background/icon of the client, enter the folder "LoadingInterface" Once you have figured out which icon/background you want to be in client you need to delete the old one of roat pkz and drag the new one u picked it, to the folder loadinginterface Like that: Right click on it -properties click on read-only like that! B00m Thats it! then load your client Thank you for reading
  3. My game randomly freezes up and crashes randomly all the time. It's getting old as fuck because it always happens when I'm mid fight. It will straight up dc me and when I log back in I'm sitting at spawn with no tab cuz it auto tabs me when it happens. I have 50 killstreak right now and I risk acb + staff so it's just shitty dcing in the middle of the fight and now knowing whether i lost all my shit and ks or not. It only happens when I'm in fights, not when I'm just sitting at the bank. My internet is completely stable (i have spotify and streams running in other monitor and they have 0 lag). It's not my hardware cuz I have i7 6700k, 980ti, watercooling, solid state drive, etc (I can easily handle this game). I don't use teamspeak and I've never exposed my ip so it's not like I'm getting ddos (who the fuck would ddos on roatz anyways). I just don't get why it's happening and I don't really know what to do to fix it, can anyone help me out? I've tried deleting the game cache, redownloading, using the exe client and java, running as administrator, idk what else to try really. I have a lot of video evidence of it happening that i could compile and post if it's needed. PLzzzz help makes me not want to play this server and just go back to other ones when it happens many times in a row. I want to keep growing my killstreak but it legit happens like every fight or every other fight. It's just a toss up and i'm tired of wasting the majority of the pkp I earn on tabs.
  4. My client is way smaller than it should be how do i fix this ? http://prntscr.com/bzhven
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