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Roat Pkz Username

Found 9 results

  1. Roat Pkz Custom Client!Hey friends, i wanna show you how to edit your client make it custom client for you like that Example: Search for the cache "Roatpkzv6" in your windows and enter the folder Go to the file " Sprites " If you wanna change the background/icon of the client, enter the folder "LoadingInterface" Once you have figured out which icon/background you want to be in client you need to delete the old one of roat pkz and drag the new one u picked it, to the folder loadinginterface Like that: Right click on it -properties click on read-only like that! B00m Thats it! then load your client Thank you for reading
  2. BUYING pm me in-game / dm me / reply cheers bought
  3. Im buying cyan flippers, if u got a pair or know some1 who has, reply to this thanks !
  4. buying; pm me in-game EDIT: BOUGHT
  5. Selling a custom of your choice, first comes 1m pm me ingame- Adam 2k45
  6. Enjoyed the stakes stijn https://gyazo.com/ce47e8403e51cf58b8b8c6b3bfe4e1d2 @Legend™
  7. Roat Pkz Custom Multi-zones Map Painstakingly mapped square-by-square for accuracy... ...and to stop you having to cry in ::yell about how you ran into a multi-zone that shouldn't have been there. Multi-zones Map IMPORTANT NOTE: MAP WAS CREATED ON THE OLD CLIENT; I CAN'T GUARANTEE ITS ACCURACY FOR THE NEW ONE
  8. Allright, so this faggot decided to scam me for a white h'ween. I gave him over 800k and now he scams me but whatever. He's jealous he was not able to rebuild and decided to scam me. I really don't care about these pixels. Just to show you guys how important a custom is for Fabian. Junk who's smoking 24/7 weed. More to come @B O N G hit .
  9. https://gyazo.com/980346d33107aa814ed759de180592b5 Just wanted to show you guys some cool things with the login screen. I can make some for you guys if your interested. :]
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