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Roat Pkz Username

Found 25 results

  1. Post all the Roatpkz slangs you know and ill update the list when im bored. I'll go first with some popular slangs and their meaning: 1) Ks amk = love your mother 2) mmvgo = respect everyone 3) Ks a5tk smhrota = something about an egyptian having a mental breakdown 4) Zite is Your Daddy = self-explanatory 5) Dog money = Joirk 2 6) Qwertyuiop1 = most popular autistic arab in the whole damn universe 7) Update loc? = gretar too busy recoloring customs to put a down payment on his next mansion 8) First thing that pops up in your mind when u think about RWT = South America 9) #fm is a mating call among gay people to find other gays (credit: fruitiest) 10) "OMG YOUTUBERS/SMOOTHIE RNG RIGGED GAME BRO!!!" 11) "this game is dying" = 500+ players online, most active wilderness and clan activity 12) "this server has no updates lmao it's dog shit" = 10+ years in development, no reset, one of a kind, every pvp servers try to emulate but fail miserably due to low IQ and lack of creativity. 13) "Hook me ags" = popular arab slang after they finish their 30 prayers a day w/ the homies then go home watch xnxx and beg for ags 14) Nigga with the Hard "er" = im an ethug online but too big of a pussy to say it irl 15) "Fuck this server im uninstalling. bye!" = log in 30 mins later cutting trees to rebuild bank and "hook me ags" 16) "Im going to DDOS you i have your IP" = empty threat. most ISPs provide dynamic IP not static, so all you have to do is reboot your modem (LMAO) or just play using VPN. If you live in a third world country with a static IP, I highly recommend not downloading ratted games and get your personal info stolen by thailand hackers, which will likely end up distributed on the dark web = you're fucked GG. 17) "Fuck you hope your nans get cancer" = uncontrolled anger issues, which is what Roatpkz is all about - it's basically a cheap therapy treatment or pseudo mental asylum for the most toxic individuals to release their anger = a "cathartic release" (if you're educated you will understand) 18) "I'm going to find you IRL and beat your ass" = overweight/obese individual who is deficient in vitamin D and jacks off 3-5 times a day to tentacle porn. 19) "Bro i didn't real world trade it was my brother sharing same IP, Computer, and account" = nigga u lying LOL 20) "I just banned an arab from my cc" = you just banned half your clan chat because they all share the same IP and MAC address playing at a local coffee shop. 21) "Omg i need a good cc so I can leech shooting star, but then get kicked and bsed shortly after due to terrible KDR" = Swab cc 22) "5 mins pk a week w/ the best single pkers in RSPS/OSRS" = Ratgang cc 23) "Barrages in dhides w/ 30 phoenix necklaces in inventory" = Fumigatorss cc 24) "i can't wait for the monthly Clan Cup" = Gretar paying rent for one of the homies 25) "bro can i kill you for daily tasks" = LOL no comment Administrative Staff Review: - Gretar = Talks too much - Smackd = wannabe gangsta, overrated - Jblind = decent nher, but anyone can be a God with 0 ms ping - Fantastic = this nigga should run for president - Legend = not much known about him, most likely a pedo - Rag Bot v1 = hide yo kids hide yo wife and especially hide your tbow
  2. Don't mind the black screen i don't know how to fucking fix it -PURE ALWAYS
  3. It will be nice to read your comments! Show some love!
  4. I'm very excited to start this series! I'm new to the server and so far it is a lot of fun. I want to help grow this community thru some quality content so I will attempt to do just that. Please give my video a watch I put some good time and effort into it. Let me know what you think! Thanks in advance. Add me in game. @Rune Sack
  5. More quests would be cool.. like for books, fire tome, imbued heart? maxed imbued capes, or any max cape for that matter. that would be cool, only 1 quest in-game so more would be efficient
  6. sike fuckniggas Since Smackd wants to play dirty and delete my public post I made about him muting half of our team and ipban me on forums then un ip ban to fuck with me I won't post this in the report a staff member and I will post it public, since reporting a staff member is like going against the government, if I report a staff member, they will be the ones looking at the actual report which is good logic haha xDD SMACKD MUTES HALF OF BUSTDOWN CC AFTER HIS SEVERE FLAMING TOWARDS US SMH. So Thoughts?
  7. The title says it all, constructive criticism & flattery down below.
  8. I'd desperately like to plead an abbysal dagger with working spec, blowpipe, fire surge, bludgeon ect. The more weapons/spells to combo with the more fun! But hey t's just a crazy suggestion that'll very unlikely be seen too
  9. Server time :- 44 Days 4 Hours 2 minutes KDR :- 14258 kills 4462 deaths 3.195 KDR 106 HS Tourney players :- 121 players ^-^
  10. Why isnt the items you can use in tournament not in-game yet? Like monk robes (g) & that? Also an abby dagger wouldn't go a miss
  11. Hey guys Akash here with a new video, let me know what you think and if you want to see more challenge type of videos. Also if you want to see me do a pk commentary let me know, your suggestions are very valuable to me! Thank you and hope you enjoy the video P.S there is one funny clip at the end and also shoutout to ism0kepurp and vipdueb for giving me generous donations to help start me off and help make more content for you guys!
  12. Before I start its all fun n games no beef intended. SPARTANS I was solo pking the other day just north of graves when I got tb'ed by some Spartans in max. The events proceeded like this Loot: (and yes I escaped with the loot) This kill resulted in them saying the guy wasn't in their clan yet this account posted a topic the day before with pictures in their clan chat? ... Moving on... G-UNIT A short one at ::Easts Loot: And when I got informed that there was 1 of them at ::meth, OTHER BITS N BOBS I have also had my fair share of unfortunate hits leading to close calls spartan member: Spartan member "Santan Arun" in max set And Spartan leader tanking the gmaul for his max set THE END
  13. Server been dying for a while for us oldies but I've seen afew familiar faces. Keep in contact via forum group message or PM for whatsapp group chat! Mostly friends but anyone is welcome if approved :-) As for others h8ers gon' h8.
  14. thanks for watching tips are welcome.
  15. Watching television on roatpkz When ISIS meets roatpkz Duel arena trolling Hairline pk video 1 Hairline mac ban discussion * LEAKED FOOTAGE IN GRETARS OFFICE*
  16. Hi guys, check out my second video, on roatpkz, subscribe and like for more - If you watch it, make a comment, and rate the video Thank you <3 <3
  17. Hi guys! Just started a new RoatPkz channel!, and i'm making 2-3 videos per week, and i hope you enjoy the video Link : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2_euCoFpWqQwVVSlPqnQ8A/featured Leave a like pls!
  18. Hello, it's KingElmar Im new at roatPkz / Forums, so i need some guides. I haven't been playing rune scape for a while, and i barely know what to do. If you want to help me get into the game please add me on Skype " Daveflyingking " We could maybe skype, or message each other. Like i said i haven't been playing " rune cape " For a while, and i've forgot much of it, so please add me, and you can maybe teach me how to play, and how to get points / kills.
  19. From before I got feedback about the blackbars so I fixed them for this video and some of the guys who gave some feedback wanted some speed-up and slowmos. Allthough im not that good of an editor but I tried my best Thanks for watching!
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