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Found 3 results

  1. I believe an HD Plug-in. Or Atleast a frame rate unlock would be a great addiction to this solid server and bring back some fresh players again.
  2. No intention of stealing ideas; some ideas from @Smackd This was posted in donator benefits sections however i thought i'd move it to here. Although most of these ideas have already been mentioned by others and myself. Here they have some donator benefit twists to them. • donators should have the ability to sell pkp items and vote store back for a higher % than regular players. • more pvm like gwd and kbd mentioned @Bind U Dead but also - Callisto - zurlrah etc. • Add kraken to lava maze and have it spawn in the lava - drop tent, trident and other basic pkp items. -possible spawns for Kraken: • ::chaos teleport for elder chaos durids which would drop elder robes which would be best in slot robes for 1 defence pures. • (questionable) donators can withdraw their titles from title store into tickets and can sell to other players. • either make donator capes max capes or add max capes so that you have to achieve them. • add clue scrolls as a randomised drop in pvp which will lead you to a spot in Wildy where you can either dig or just read the clue scroll to receive a reward or a casket. Donators would have a higher chance of getting this drop as a better %. The higher the Wildy lvl given by the clue the higher chance for a better reward. (Droprate similar to mysterious emblem that of OSRS). (can customize our own clue scrolls of course as being a RSPS) • loots from clue scrolls would be all outstanding ornament kits for infinity and all dragons peices etc & can add a new rare drop table for items such as 3rd age cloak, pick axe and any other rare items people would like. Image Name Mithril trimmed armour Mithril gold-trimmed armour Adamant trimmed armour Adamant gold-trimmed armour Ranger boots Holy sandals Wizard boots Headbands (Black, Red, Brown, Pink, Green, Blue, White, Gold) Boaters (Red, Orange, Green, Blue, Black, Pink, Purple, White) Trimmed green dragonhide armour Gold-trimmed green dragonhide armour Adamant heraldic armour (h1 to h5) Black/white elegant clothing Purple elegant clothing Pink elegant clothing Gold elegant clothing Amulet of strength (t) Adamant cane Vestment mitres and cloaks (Guthix, Saradomin, Zamorak, Zaros, Bandos, and Armadyl) Vestment stoles and croziers (Ancient, Armadyl, and Bandos) Cat mask Penguin mask Gnomish firelighter Crier hat Crier bell Crier coat Leprechaun hat Black leprechaun hat Black unicorn mask White unicorn mask Great Kourend house banners Cabbage round shield Clueless scroll Image Name Rune trimmed armour Rune gold-trimmed armour Guthix rune armour Saradomin rune armour Zamorak rune armour Ancient rune armour Bandos rune armour Armadyl rune armour Gilded armour Rune heraldic armour (H1 to H5) Blue d'hide trimmed armour Blue d'hide gold-trimmed armour Red d'hide trimmed armour Red d'hide gold-trimmed armour Enchanted robes Robin hood hat Cavaliers Pirate's hat Third-age melee armour Third-age ranger armour Third-age mage armour Amulet of glory (t) Guthix blessed d'hide armour Saradomin blessed d'hide armour Zamorak blessed d'hide armour Armadyl blessed d'hide armour Ancient blessed d'hide armour Bandos blessed d'hide armour Blessed boots Vestment stoles and croziers (Guthix, Saradomin, and Zamorak) Chromatic dragon masks Pith helmet Explorer backpack Rune cane Zombie head Cyclops head Nunchaku Image Name Ornament kits 3rd age tools (along with all other 3rd age items) Demon masks Great Kourend house hoods Samurai armour Mummy outfit Ankou outfit Robes of darkness Ring of coins Left eye patch Obsidian cape (r) Fancy tiara Half moon spectacles Ale of the gods Bucket helm (g) Bowl wig Bloodhound Image Name Dragon ornament kits Infinity colour kits Fury ornament kit Musketeer outfit Dragon cane Briefcase Sagacious spectacles Gilded boots/Gilded scimitar (along with other gilded equipment) Top hat Monocle Big pirate hat Deerstalker Metal dragon masks Lava dragon mask Black d'hide trimmed armour Black d'hide gold-trimmed armour Rangers' tunic 3rd age cloak/Third-age weapons (along with all other 3rd age items) Afro Katana Royal set Great Kourend house scarves Blacksmith's helm Bucket helm Ranger gloves Holy wraps Ring of nature Dark tuxedo outfit Light tuxedo outfit Heavy casket • have stated in one of my previous topics - HNS over ::yell for all players which will give hints of where to either search or dig at a certain spot (SERVER HNS) -> how it can be linked for donator benefits is that for regular players there can be a delay for the message, donators get just a bit earlier and super donators first. the spot to either search a set of drawers:p or chest or dig in a spot would be difficult to not make the delay over ::yell that overpowered. This may be far fetched however could be cool. (CAN BE IN WILDY & NOT, for people who are scared of the wildy @Taco Man. have this dropped as a random drop from pvp, if you don't know the strange device uses a hot & cold system to locate the treasure the loot would be in wildy hopefully making it more active. and the loot can be anything from abve? Hints could relate to osrs locations or for roat pkz custom teleports. • also would people like to see ::dzone move from that annoying small island to say the slayer tower for example and similar to that of @Pedro's idea like a dungeon but the other way around and have the 3 floors; 1st and 2nd for donators and the top floor for supers. Bosses on each floor can be negotiable as well as the drops available. • add ::ffa (free for all) to fight pits •add ::ge for a place to people to buy and sell and atm we don't really have a place for this other than ::cw / ::chill. This will allow @Requiem Af to merch professionally. • add magic fang to Jads droptable. • Make it so that in ::risk you're able to wield dragon war hammer, torture tent prims etc in the 5k+ portal as it would not let me before. basic prices need to be attached to these items so you can get into these portals. Add flames of Zamorak for Tsotd - Robert. * Add Ava's max cape to KBD's drop table? replace pkers cape with regular max cape. make it so that you can get ardy cape in the new store but you need the ardy cape 4 in inventory to buy it.
  3. hi all.... be able to use sotd with flames of zammy. good update more style of play + i can own noobs harder ty ps. i own lol
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