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Found 3 results

  1. the actual explanations + notes: first the darts are rune p++ with dragon arrows p++, use regular anti-poison. the kit: The method itself for donators: first load the kit, zoom until you can see the boat just a part of it as shown in the video, face north and press your arrow up key till the camera doesn't go any further. Click on the boat, this is important activate eagle eye (or rigour) and hoover your mouse over the dark spot near the chest. This can be clearly seen in the video. Press 1 and spam click that spot. As soon as you get in venge. The character will go to the spot if everything is done correctly NOTE DO NOT MOVE OFF THIS SPOT THERES IS NOT NEED FOR IT , Blowpipe till the last hit of the green phase. Dark bow on the last attack and antivenom, for the melee phase just blowpipe. Before it goes to magic flick ( double click) rapid heal and eat the angler, this resets the timer so you'll be 121 for a full minute and you have less chances of dying. Once its on the mage phase spec as soon as you reach 55 and if it hits your venge NOTE EVEN IF THE MAGE PHASE DOESNT HIT THE VENG AND THE TIMER GOES OFF YOU ARE STILL VENGED JUST WAIT FOR THE RANGE PHASE TO HIT YOU, venge again for more damage. For the range phase, pray range and take it off when it spawns the snakelins, to kill them just stay in the 3 tick cycle of the blowpipe. After you killed them keep attacking zulrah. for the melee blowpipe, for mage after eat a dark crab with a rest, and veng. For the range phase afterwards you cannot avoid cloud damage so get the most dps that you can and kill the snakelin as soon as possible. Furthermore you could use ring of suffering with recoils!!!. For non donators: After you have done the kill, load a blank kit with 1 hp and 1 in every combat stat. Proceed to stand in the spot as shown and after you die have fun and use a tbow if you have the money for it !!! suicide doesnt make you wait for you to reacharge the spec if you a regular donator or non donator https://discord.gg/sUEYE4fEuY
  2. In Depth Zulrah Guide Content of this topc Introduction Item Slot - Best in slot and down Example of setup Droptable Zulrah Rotation Placement Introduction Item Slot - Best in slot and down Example of setup Droptable Zulrah Rotation Placement
  3. Full Zulrah walkthrough. Showed both wealthy and welfare setups.
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