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  1. Welcome to my 2nd Suggestion post, I posted my first one at the start of the month if you would like to see it here's the link. Starting off I'm going to be going through some items that should be spawnable and why they should be. Robes of Darkness These are identical in stats to Mystic and not to be confused with dark infinity. it would be a nice alternative to the mystic/enchanted we have already. Gilded armour and weapons Like the robes of darkness these are an alternative to armour we already have (idk why this was taken away in the first place, I want my gilded skirt back) Dragon Sword This weapon is kinda shit I just want it in game because it adds variety to spec choices NPC/PVM Fixes. Fix ruby bolts and make them shit again please, Jad has become a running joke and there's little to no PVP Happening there. Elder Chaos Druids Make the elder chaos druids that have recently been added drop the elder chaos robes, random mage drops like seers rings, master wands ect and maybe a rare chance of sotd? Taking them out of the BH shop would be good because its really full of shit. Also a teleport there like ::elders or some shit would be great. Move the ents and Unicorns spawns by the corp cave Players have had to lure the ents and Unicorns behind tree's just to get into the cave. Chinchompas Make it so you are able to catch/attack the chinchompas as at chin hills. Uses for the Chins would be limited but they would make multi combat so much more fun. You could have an NPC Somewhere in the wild who you can sell the chinchompas too, having the npc in the wild adds risk to it. I would also like a ::chins teleport command. Random shit. Freeze timer Venge Timer Poison/Venom infliction timer for people using serps ect Spawn Timer at KBD, Champ and Chaos Ele Add a PJ Timer at edgevile ? I would love to see this idea that Taylor said on my other post Would like to see wilderness slayer added Add Zulrah? Okay this post is done I will make another one in roughly a month or so maybe sooner idk
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