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Found 1 result

  1. With the coming of new teams the wildy has been really active, Team-Lavish continues to dominate the wilderness. Together with new recruits our team has gotten stronger than last trip. Clans are going silent since Lavish has opened 2 days ago, and they have yet to get a kill on one of our members. Our day started slowly with almost no activity in singles, one of our members spotted ''Ashby'' at easts- he did not last long. Rag Bot V1 fought him and KO'ed him. He then proceeds to rag us for 30 minutes ish, and logged after. After 30 minutes we saw some 5Alive members log in. They were spotted at easts, we managed to get a full TB on Tom and he did'nt make it to the ditch. His team did try to save and box him, but unsuccesfully. GF Tom! Next up we have 5Alive's puppet AKA Sinister getting fulled. We're surprised he didn't run into multi instantly, he did not make it past level 17(even when he had a team of raggers trying to save him). He was not skulled unfortunately, loot was still around 2k. After #5Alive stopped their pk trip, we found one of their lost (ex?) members risking barrows and more at easts, Kids Maqe got taken care of. Our spies told us Clan Closers were trying to catch a 5alive member at easts. We found 10-15 people in mystics and hides and 1-2 people in risks, these were the ones we focused on. Sophia died without his team mates trying to help him(they were too busy chasing some random guy). Gf Sophia. When they saw we were at easts they banked every single risk and came back in welfare. Even their leader Spy Network came to rag us, what a disgrace of a leader. He did not manage to stay alive though. His team mates weren't on time to back him up in multi combat. Spy Network seems to only die these last couple of days. Some other alt from Clan Closers. After all teams stopped pking because they were only dying, most of us went online/stopped pking. We heard one of our members was getting attacked by 2 guys at 52 portals, he tanked it for 2 minutes and when 2 other clan members came we quickly ended him for his skull and loots. To end the trip- one of our scouts found a guy risking at Mage Bank. He quickly teleblocked him and called in reinforcements, we spec traded and ended him quick. Nice loot to end the trip with. To all the teams out there, keep up the activity. We hope we haven't scared all of you off by now. Currently we're looking to host some single run ins, PM Rag Bot V1 for setting those up. #TEAMLAVISH @John Please keep this topic clean from any unnecessary flames.
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