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Found 4 results

  1. Full Zulrah walkthrough. Showed both wealthy and welfare setups.
  2. Hello everyone! I am attempting to make a guide for the first time based off the results from my 1 week from scratch! Now everyone who normally starts Roat pkz would try to look for the obvious ways of making money, such as pking. and pking with a spawn kit can be hard for the non veteran pkers, especially if your goal is to make money with that kit. so here is an alternative! Step 1 : Getting your untradeables For the first 3500pkp, (if you want the Assembler,Firecape,Dragon defender,Rune pouch,Fighter torso) i suggest going to Venenatis, seeing as Venenatis on roatz compared to osrs is very weak, and can be killed with 0 damage taken in around 20-30seconds solo. this should not take you too long. Make your way to ::shops and talk to the Range shopkeeper, or use ::Getid to spawn yourself the spawnable Venenatis kit. -> pic After getting your kit, make your way to ::easts and run north and a little bit west till you see an area with lots of webbing on the ground, you will Find Venenatis there. Based on my earlier test, getting the 3500pkp start took me around 25-35kills. The route to Venenatis after teleporting to ::Easts can be seen here -> (excuse my horrible 15second paint work) Step 2 : Choosing a route. PVM or PVP Now you get to choose if you want to continue PVMing for more money to buy a better special weapon like the AGS, or even Dragon Claws. or if you are confident enough in your pking skills to go pking with just a dds. If you choose to go pking with what you have, a good setup suggestion would be something like this -> (i do not have a fire cape, so change the infernal cape for a fire cape/a cape of your choosing) If you choose to go PVMing with what you are at now, to get more money for more unlocks, like the AGS, You have multiple choises to pick from, Revenants,Gorillas,Venenatis,Slayer. If you have the opportunity to join the clan chat that is currently in control of the rev caves, this will undoubtedly be the best pick to follow up with. Getting 5k from killing Revenants should take no time at all, even with just normal drops. you can use the same base pk kit at Revenants, just take a few more Sanfew serums with you. The route to Revenants after teleporting to ::revs and entering the cave can be seen here -> (taken from oswiki, dont mind the agility level) If you choose to go hunt Demonic gorillas, in hopes of that ever so elusive Heavy ballista drop, This is a good example kit for gorillas -> The way to gorillas is seen here, after teleporting to ::44s run north west -> If you chose to do slayer, you can teleport to ::slayer and talk to the slayer master for an assignment, choose your gear according to your assignment. For slayer monster locations i suggest checking out Fantastic Cx's guide found here -> From making a new account, and having no unique/rare drops. you should have your first 10k in around 3-4hours. this would include your untradeables, and an ags if this were to be your goal. Hope this helped some of you new players / returnees to get your first 10k starting cash!
  3. Aerobic

    ROATPKZ Guide

    Let's start off by making a account, just type in a valid username and a password. First off when you log in, you might want to change your looks. The makeover mage is South of the Edgeville Bank. Have a look at the top-right of your client, feel free to customize some options or get some support when needed. Mazchna is where you buy items with PKP, points you get from PKing. You can also get PKP from voting (::vote and following instructions) and PVMing. Also important to know... To get to PVP and PVM hotspots use the portals that are near the edgevile ditch, with the altar inbetween them. (UPDATING PVM SECTION SOON)
  4. Hello, it's KingElmar Im new at roatPkz / Forums, so i need some guides. I haven't been playing rune scape for a while, and i barely know what to do. If you want to help me get into the game please add me on Skype " Daveflyingking " We could maybe skype, or message each other. Like i said i haven't been playing " rune cape " For a while, and i've forgot much of it, so please add me, and you can maybe teach me how to play, and how to get points / kills.
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