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Found 9 results

  1. I know I have suggested this many times but there is fuck all to use tome of fire with. Without surge it is legit useless nd shit! Add fire surge with a zulrah boss that drops toxic blowpipe and , samurai & Dragon (g) in vote shop pls This is my only wish gretar. Dar genie lamp rubbed snm
  2. Yooo Dragon ball super ep 129 tonight! The episode goku goes ultra instinct limit breaker (super sayian silver) vs jiren! Man I may sound nerd AF but I'm hyped for this!! Thoughts?
  3. More quests would be cool.. like for books, fire tome, imbued heart? maxed imbued capes, or any max cape for that matter. that would be cool, only 1 quest in-game so more would be efficient
  4. As what I suggested for came true before shortly after my suggestion (abby dagger), It would be cool to fire surge a 45 for a combo. I mean sure it'll change the game/nhing/rushing ect but In a good fun way The only thing id regret about it is the rise in tbers. Also id like to add BRING SOL BACK! it was a cool ass staff before and it still is! The buff to Sara strike with added smite just made it that more awesome. I highly recommend they come into-game but this is just my opinion. Monk robes (g), Dragon (g ) & ranger should also be in-game :-) P.s - when you ::getid mask, loads of masks unknown to the game isn't added along with capes, they should be in-game too.
  5. I'd desperately like to plead an abbysal dagger with working spec, blowpipe, fire surge, bludgeon ect. The more weapons/spells to combo with the more fun! But hey t's just a crazy suggestion that'll very unlikely be seen too
  6. Server time :- 44 Days 4 Hours 2 minutes KDR :- 14258 kills 4462 deaths 3.195 KDR 106 HS Tourney players :- 121 players ^-^
  7. What are people's thoughts and opinions on ragging/raggers now days? Out of interest
  8. Server been dying for a while for us oldies but I've seen afew familiar faces. Keep in contact via forum group message or PM for whatsapp group chat! Mostly friends but anyone is welcome if approved :-) As for others h8ers gon' h8.
  9. 2v2 or 3v3 tourney matches would be awesome once a week or something just a suggestion lol
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