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Roat Pkz Username

Found 2 results

  1. so i guess everyone has forgotten bout the xxmerci shit well im still here banned with my friends ags on my account waiting to get unban donated 60$ cause i like the server get banned 3 days later well rip still waiting for unban day 5 xxmerci
  2. 24k

    Why Gg

    Okay, so I fought this pussy today (on Roat Pkz, he knows he can't pk on OSRS so he chose to fight me on the worst pk server combat wise) went pretty good, I made him tab 11 times IN A ROW before he actually got a kill. Then, I made him tab five more times and then I died again. Congratulations! Disconnected in the fight, account didn't teleport, logged back in and I was dead. Surprise? No. Same thing the other fight, fps lag, wasn't able to teleport away told me I can't tele up in 11 wild, even though you should be able to? Died. Anyway I don't care about dying only reason he gets a kill on me is by high spec on tank (hybrid), disconnecting or me simply just refusing to teleport away. Also, I told him BEFORE FIGHTING that I wasn't going to tab, and I was fighting him for fun and just see who tabs most, and as expected I tabbed zero times except for the times where the disconnect bot teleported me out it self. Had 50 minute footage of our fights but accidentaly deleted all of it and it wouldn't be fun anyway just a short video of him teleporting every single time. Anyway, he'll just deny that I disconnected and say that he did too whenever he teleported. If there's a way for staff to check logs then that'd be great because I know for sure he will post the pictures and brag about it. And, personally to you Why Gg. You're a Rune pouch pker you're dumb and you're slow I literally got every hit on wrong prayer and you didn't even put your Fire cape on 90% of the time when you used melee. You're actually worse than I thought. This scenario is similar to the one when you fought Taylor and he abused you at Canifis. Redbarred you numerous times you lucky piece of shit. Don't try saying "If you dc'd why didn't you say it in pm?" you put private on friends after I dc'd. You don't even have to reply to this thread, just letting everybody know what really happened before you feed them with your bullshit. If you want to Pure Nh me on OSRS, post your username below and get 1m-70m risk I'll be on immediately.
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