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  1. This is a simple price guide in which lists current prices for items in-game. LAST UPDATED: July 30th 2018 For convenience, you may press CTRL+F and search for the item you are looking for. PK Items Check the PK Point Shop for prices. Vote Shop Please note, vote points are acquired by claiming Votes! (::Claim) Mini Game Shop (Castle Wars) Bounty Hunter Shop Donator Tickets and Point-Tickets Donator Ticket: 10-12K PKP Super Donator Ticket: 40-45K PKP Extreme Donator Ticket: 160-200K PKP Vote Points: 200-300 PKP Bounty Hunter Point: 1-1.3 PKP Donator Points: 100-120 Partyhats Blue Partyhat: 20-25K PKP Green Partyhat: 20-25K PKP Purple Partyhat: 20-25K PKP Red Partyhat: 20-25K PKP Voting Partyhat: 20-25K PKP White Partyhat: 20-25K PKP Yellow Partyhat: 20-25K PKP Rainbow Partyhat: 150K PKP Halloween Masks Blue H'ween Mask: 15-20K PKP Green H'ween Mask: 15-20K PKP Red H'ween Mask: 15-20K PKP Voting H'ween Mask: 20-25K PKP Santa Hats Santa Hat: 20-25K PKP Voting Santa Hat: 20-25K PKP Prayer Scrolls Arcane Prayer Scroll (Augury) 70-80k PKP Dexterous Prayer Scroll (Rigour) 70-80k PKP Mystery Boxes Voting Mystery Box: 300-400 PKP Mystery Box: 5K Super Mystery Box: 15K Extreme Mystery Box: 35K Pet Mystery Box: 90K Weapons/Equipment Abyssal Tentacle: 800 PKP Armadyl Godsword: 4-4.5K PKP Dragon Spear: 200 PKP Occult Necklace: 2-3k PKP Vesta's Longsword: 9K Vesta Chainbody: 7-8K PKP Vesta Plateskirt: 7-8K PKP Statius's Full helm: 3-5K PKP Statius's Platebody: 5-7K Statius's Platelegs: 5-7K Zuriel's Hood: 3K PKP Zuriel's Robe top: 5-7K PKP Zuriel's Robe bottom: 5-7K PKP Morrigan's Coif: 3K PKP Morrigan's Leather-body: 5-7K PKP Morrigan's Leather-chaps: 5-7K PKP Obsidian Helmet: 125 PKP Obsidian Platebody: 250 PKP Obsidian Platelegs: 250 PKP Arclight: 2-3K PKP Serpentine Helmet: 2.5k PKP Magic Fang: 4.5-5K PKP Staff Of The Dead: 2K PKP Staff of Light: 2K PKP Toxic Staff Of The Dead: 7-8K PKP Trident Of The Seas: 1.2K PKP Trident Of The Swamp: 6-7K 3rd Age Long Sword: 15K PKP 3rd Age Bow: 15K PKP 3rd Age Wand: 15K PKP Armadyl Crossbow: 2K PKP Dragon Crossbow: 1.3K PKP Toxic Blowpipe: 7-10K Malediction Ward 800 PKP Malediction Ward (or) 2.8k PKP Odium Ward 800 PKP Odium Ward (or) 2.8K PKP Amulet of Fury (or) 2.5-2.75k PKP Amulet of Torture 1-2K PKP Necklace of Anguish 1-2k PKP Tormented Bracelet 1K PKP Ring of Suffering (i) 1-2k PKP Bracelet of Ethereum: 150 PKP Heavy Ballista 40-45K PKP Light Ballista 5K PKP Dragon Javelin 0.5-1 PKP Divine Spirit Shield 90-100K PKP Arcane Spirit Shield 20-25K PKP Elysian Spirit Shield 40-45k PKP Spectral Spirit Shield 5-7K PKP Dragon Warhammer 7-8K PKP Abyssal Dagger (P++): 2.5-3K Abyssal Bludgeon: 5-6K Granite Maul 400 PKP Dragonfire Shield: 3-4K PKP Ancient Wyvern Shield: 5-6K Dragonfire Ward: 5-6K Kodai Wand 13K PKP Dragon Claws 20-25k PKP 3A Hat/Helmet/Coif 4-5k PKP 3A Mage Robe/Platebody/Range Top 8-9K PKP 3A Mage Robe/3A Platelegs/3A Ra-5nge Legs 8-9K PKP 3A Amulet/3A Kiteshield/3A Vambraces 4k PKP Dinh's Bulwark 15-18K PKP Elder Maul 55-60K PKP Dragon Hunter Crossbow 6.5-7.5K PKP Granite Clamp 500-650 PKP Twisted Buckler 3-4K PKP Ancestral Hat 15-20K PKP Ancestral Top 30-40K PKP Ancestral Bottoms 30-40K PKP Elder Chaos Hood 1.5-2K PKP Elder Chaos Top 3-4K PKP Elder Chaos Robe 3-4K PKP White/Yellow/Green/Blue Dark Bow Paint 500-650 PKP Saradomin's Blessed Sword 1.5-2k PKP Bandos/Zamorak/Saradomin Godsword Ornament Kits 500-650 PKP Armadyl Godsword Ornament Kit 2-2.75k PKP Occult, Tortue & Anguish Ornament kits 2-3k PKP Miscellaneous Bunny Ears: 50-60K PKP Partyhat & Specs 65k PKP Magma Mutagen: 7-8K PKP Tanzanite Mutagen: 7-8K PKP Ward Upgrade Kit: 2K PKP Wings Angel Cape: 100K PKP Castlewars Please note that Castle Wars is currently disabled meaning the prices for the below items are very much negotiable between the buyer and seller. Guthix Halo: 15-20K Zamorak Halo: 15-20K Saradomin Halo: 15-20K Royal Crown: 20-25K Royal Gown Top: 20-25K Royal Gown Bottom: 20-25K Royal Scepter: 20-25K Briefcase: 3-5K Tophat: 10-15K Afro: 10-15K Big Pirate Hat: 10-15K Sagacious Spectales: 10-15K Muskteer Hat: 15K Muskteer Tabard: 5-7K Muskteer Pants: 5-7K Deerstalker: 4K Monocle: 4K This guide will be updated according to the economy. Post suggestions to change via PM. ================================================================= Limited/Custom Rares *Limited/custom rares (i.e. Orange, Cyan, Pink, etc.) prices are negotiable depending on the buyer & seller Partyhats & specs Pink Partyhat & specs Gold Partyhat & specs Cyan Partyhat & specs Purple Partyhat & specs Partyhats Gold Partyhat Light Blue PartyHat Orange PartyHat Pink Partyhat Cyan PartyHat Light Green Partyhat Light Yellow Partyhat Cream Partyhat Peach Partyhat Black Partyhat Halloween Masks Black H'ween Mask Cyan H'ween Mask Gold H'ween Mask Orange H'ween Mask Purple H'ween Mask Pink H'ween Mask White H'ween Mask Peach H'ween Mask Cream H'ween Mask Light Yellow H'ween Mask Light Green H'ween Mask Magma H'ween Mask Light Blue H'ween Mask Lime H'ween Mask Santa Hats Cyan Santa Hat Light Blue Santa Hat Blue Santa Hat Black Santa Hat Gold Santa Hat Orange Santa Hat Purple Santa Hat Pink Santa Hat White Santa Hat Lime Green Santa Hat Cream Santa Hat Light Yellow Santa Hat Peach Santa Hat Light Green Santa Hat Others Inferno Adze Candy Cane *End of limited/custom rares list. =================================================================
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