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Roat Pkz Username

Found 5 results

  1. Hey i need someone to kick my account offline please? im stuck logged in and have been for a few hours now. thanks! Also my name in game is the same as on here. thanks
  2. Hello, it's KingElmar Im new at roatPkz / Forums, so i need some guides. I haven't been playing rune scape for a while, and i barely know what to do. If you want to help me get into the game please add me on Skype " Daveflyingking " We could maybe skype, or message each other. Like i said i haven't been playing " rune cape " For a while, and i've forgot much of it, so please add me, and you can maybe teach me how to play, and how to get points / kills.
  3. 24k

    Banned account

    I'll just appeal here, so that everyone can see the stupid reason I got macbanned. I've appealed twice before, only one of the appeals got a reply, and whoever replied told me to message Gretar Ingame name: Rixi Rule broken: Yell'ed someones lastname (He was okay with me doing so though?) Date: 1 Month ago Appeal: I'm sorry for doing what I did. I know it it's wrong, but he calls himself that too? And besides, he was okay with me doing so he didn't report me and told me numerous times that "He'd tell Yoobs and Gretar to get me unbanned because he secretly owns the server". Btw don't tell me to message him anywhere I've pm'd him on forums and sent messages/called him like 10000 times on Skype
  4. i tried to log in game it says invalid username or password and i didn't change the password tried to recouver the account but couldn't send informations to [email protected] and i need a staff for helping me get back my account as fast as it possible!
  5. So i have recently bought the pk package (x1) it has been about 10 minutes and from experience i have gotten goods from about 10 minutes. Proof: https://gyazo.com/828df60bd5258a11e3bfab68570a2add
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