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  1. The trading post is the backbone of the economy, but there is currently no tool to support the server's trading activity. This server could get a huge leg up by having a fully integrated trading post tracking tool, with essential statistics such as an item's global trade rate history, providing the community with an immediate display of what items are best to flip at this very moment I am a senior full stack developer and a lead contributor to https://www.ge-tracker.com, I worked alongside founder Kyle Stevenson to build the OSRS community's leading grand exchange tracking tool (millions of monthly visits), and will be happy to contribute my experience to build something similar for Roat I am looking to bring a ge-tracker-like to my favorite private server, Roat. What do you guys think? Would we be interested in expanding our trading post capabilities? Let me know what you think in the comments
  2. just a disclaimer im drunk af rn and most likely will forget all of this in the am, so pls excuse any gramma r or incoherency. I'll do the best i can to type this while having an elevated blood alcohol level. ROATPKZ SEASONAL HUNGER GAMES I was watching Hunger Games and a thought occur to me - "wow, this would be so cool to have it in roatpkz" How it would work: - basically, the general concept of this is a seasonal server war (4 seasons in a year) or however many times @Gretardecides to host it. - top 25-50% elo would get invited to this tournament OR top 100 players (elo-based) online when event starts - would make wildy more active since people would pk to get their elo requirements leading up to the event. - it's similar to DMM, but without the grind (let's face it - most people play roat for the quick pk, not the slow hustle). - this event is a mix of multi/single pking mechanics. - strategy/skill based event to make it more fun and challenging. - entire event takes place in the wilderness. - players who meet requirements would join a tournament portal and wait to be spawned into a separate "instanced" wilderness. Rules: - names of all players are invisible (or all have the same name "Zite" for example) -> this will eliminate clanning advantage. - all players are spawned in DIFFERENT locations of the wilderness, 20+ different spawn spots. - players start with 12 brews, 4 sanfews, but NO OTHER items. brews cap still in effect. - items are spawned throughout the map for players to pick up, ranging from dds to ags/claws/etc, magic/range wep/armour. Mechanism: - players fight it out in the wilderness for 30 minutes. - after 30 minutes the server will announce the final safe location (for example: annakarl). this will force players to run to the safe area or die by poison damage. - players are then confined to the final area to fight it out. - top 16 players remaining are teleported to a tournament styled bracket w tri-brid preset. - prizes TBA, but top 16 players should get pkp, top 4 should get OSRS prizes. This is just a rough draft I have in mind, but personally it seems really fun to me and perhaps others may feel the same.
  3. What are pvp daily tasks? PVP daily task is a quick way for pkers to make money while having a blast completing new tasks each day! Tasks will have a range of difficulty and can be completed throughout the entire wilderness. All tasks are player-vs-player related. How does it work? Talk to NPC at home or ::Daily to bring up daily task interface. Easy/Medium/Hard/Elite/Master tasks. Tasks automatically reset every 24 hours (server time). You'll get 5 random tasks each day (every 24hr). Sample tasks Easy - PK 5 ppl at home as lvl 126 or pure with a dds/claws/ags/etc, bring 1K PKP. Medium - PK 5 ppl as lvl 126/pure @specific locations, bring 1K PKP . Hard - PK 10 ppl without overhead/amulet @specific locations. Elite - PK 10 ppl in dharok's at edge. Master - PK 10 players as a hybrid/tribrid, bring 5K PKP. PK 10 ppl at ::chins/::hills/annakarl/50s/44s/etc, risk at least 1-5K. Participate in 3/5/10 ::LMS Open keys at Deadman Chest You can be creative and assign any combination of tasks. Location of tasks? Everywhere - single/multi areas. ::chins/::hill/annakarl/50s/44s/rss/etc. Rewards? Easy/Medium/Hard/Elite/Master "PK MBOX" (prices TBA). Achievement diary. Daily/weekly scoreboard. Benefits? People always complain about running out of stuff to do, this will help promote pk activity. Serves as an extra way for pkers to make money. Incentives = increased activity. You can assign tasks to different portion of the wilderness to increase activity in those areas, e.g. single locations. I am very confident this will make pk even more robust and enjoyable for everyone! Feel free to leave feedback or suggestions if you'd like this idea implemented. @Gretar @Fantastic @JBLIND @Smackd
  4. Hi ! I know most of you doesn't really skill, but PLEASE, consider these suggestions, as skilling atm is pretty dead content: Add a "high alch" to pets (not exactly high alching, but something to get back from extra pets that are at bank with no use at all.) To prevent this. PVM pets = "High alching" will give you PK Points Skilling pets = "High alching" will give you Skilling Points Donator pets = "High alching" will give you Donator points And so on with the type of pet that are ingame. Fix bank system, switch it as OSRS. (Not whole bank, just this, so that it lets you withdraw "X" quantity (14 for example) and within two clicks you have your inv with whats needed to skill. To get fletch/crafting/smith/herblore (if planning adding it).. (That part, not the whole bank, as i said.) BUFF infernals for skilling. They literally have the same speed and use than a dragon, but the only diff is that they randomly do an extra skilling action. For that, i'd suggest editing their price to 5-7k. If first suggesiton is viable, i'd also suggest adding achievements to "High alching" pets, and finishing them all unlocks title "The Alcher", or something like that. Add Herblore ingame? High level unlocks the creation of divine potions to PVM/PK (BIS Pots)? Unlocking skillcape gives a little boost to the skill which you've achieved the mastery. Maxing all skills unlocks the true master skillcape ( which can be "operated" and teleported to an unique spot for those players, or something like that). Add skilling point titles (As we have PKP, Vote, Donator points, add the Chopper, the Fisher, etc, etc). If you have any other idea, let me know. I know its maybe not a priority ingame, but please, consider this into further updates. Thanks for the time. El Pibe.
  5. Can we get a Timer for spec tabbing? So, if you're pking in edgeville / riskzone, after using special attack, you'd have to wait a certain amount of time before you can teleport out... at least like 10 - 15 seconds maybe? I've gotten a lot of compIaints about players spec tabbing mid-fights and I think this would be an ideal way to prevent players from doing it, and this will help decrease the amount of rushing in edgeville/ riskzone... because What are rushers known for? Spec tabbing. If a timer is implemented, rushers would have no choice but to manually run away or stay in the fight for 10 - 15 seconds, which makes it a little harder for them to get away. Thoughts?
  6. Here are some of my proposals that would make donator ranks be worth donating for- without breaking the game: Normal Donator 1x complimentary daily slayer task skip (reset every 24hrs) 5% static boosted exp rate for skilling 5% boosted slayer key drop rate Super Donator 2x complimentary daily slayer task skips (reset every 24hrs) 10% static boosted exp rate for skilling 7.5% boosted slayer key drop rate New Super Donator Cape - same stats as dcape but different sprites/designs - just change the "$" color to correspond with donator tier. It won't be more custom than the current donator cape. Extreme Donator 3x complimentary daily slayer task skips (reset every 24hrs) 15% static boosted exp rate for skilling 10% boosted slayer key drop rate ::tp command open trading post anywhere outside of wilderness New Boss section in ::dzone expansion area New Extreme Donator Cape - same stats as dcape but different sprites/designs - just change the "$" color to correspond with donator tier. It won't be more custom than the current donator cape. Legendary Donator 4x complimentary daily slayer task skips (reset every 24hrs) 20% static boosted exp rate for skilling 12.5% boosted slayer key drop rate New Boss section in ::dzone expansion area ::tp command - open trading post anywhere outside of wilderness ::keys command - tp straight to wilderness key (5 mins before key is spawned, inactivate after key has been spawned) New Legendary Donator Cape - same stats as dcape but different sprites/designs - just change the "$" color to correspond with donator tier. It won't be more custom than the current donator cape. Pros - players would be willing to donate for more donator ranks with new perks, and the server would make more sales. It will benefit everyone. Let me know what you guys think. If you have any suggestions, comment below. @[email protected]
  7. Introducing Roatpkz Server War (MULTI-PK) Event: Purpose: Help make multi pk more popular by exposing people to the elements of multi pk. This will spark more multi clans creation and competition is good for the server. How does it work? Every 6/12 hours there will be an automated scheduled Server War Everyone is spawned inside a lobby where they can choose their gear and make custom presets The game will randomize players into Team A/TeamB/TeamC (can be 2-3 teams) Players will fight it out for 10-15 mins on a custom island There will be a frag count interface showing team kill counts There will be multiple maps/landscapes chosen randomly by the system Rewards? Introduce new items Winning team will get more rewards (pkp/mini-game points etc) Losing team(s) will get some rewards, but not as much as winning team MVPs (players with most kills) will get some additional pkp rewards Winners will get 1 hour of 2x PKP bonus Rewards TBA I would appreciate some feedback and suggestions!
  8. Wilderness Clue Scrolls 1. Wildy Clue Scrolls dropped by NPCs/Skilling. 2. Easy/Medium/Hard clues - higher lvl npcs drop hard clues more often. 3. Rewards such as PKP/Rare items corresponding to difficulty of the clues. 4. When u dig for the reward, an NPC boss will spawn and fight u (give decent amount of hp and difficulty). 5. You can only defeat the boss with specific weapons (can add to vote shop/pkp shop). 6. Once you dig the clue, you will be tbed for 5 minutes, forcing players to run out of the wilderness. 7. Add achievements for x amount of easy/medium/hard clues completed. Pros: 1. People like to do clue scrolls. 2. Make wilderness more active. 3. New content for people to do. 4. Can make voting more lucrative and/or remove pkp via #5 above. 5. Gretar makes $$$ and should consider spawning me a tbow *wink wink*. P.S. I need legendary rank on forum. Kthxbye. addendum: 1- clue scrolls would have multiple steps so people would be inside the wilderness for at least couple minutes to fully complete their clue 2- the boss only appears on the final clue
  9. Essentially, I want to propose an idea which would make opening keys a lot more enticing. Rare Drop Table. The Rare Drop table would be different for every Key, and would be incredibly rare. (Only applies to Bronze to Platinum) For instance, Bronze Keys could have a rare drop table at around 1-2.5k PKP so, a staff of light, or an Abyssal Tentacle Whip Silver Keys Would have a tiny bit of a lower chance of hitting the rare drop table, but have a wider range of drops. So, 1-5k. So, items can range from Bandos pieces, to staves or even an AGS. Gold Keys would have a tiny bit of a lower chance of hitting the rare drop table, but give a rare drop of 5K. Platinum keys are fairly expensive as is, some selling for a little under 4k. Since there is such a low chance of hitting the rare drop table, I feel giving it a 5-25K RARE drop reward is appropriate. Items Ranging from an AGS to Claws. *The Rare Drop Table rewards will not double at a DMM Chest, instead, the rates will increase by two fold* Keep in mind that these rewards are incredibly rare since so many keys are being opened each day, we should only see a maximum of 1-5 drops in a day. Example %: Bronze Keys: 0.1% Silver Keys: 0.09% Gold Keys 0.05% Platinum Keys 0.1% Remember, these rates are doubled at Huge DMM Chests so, hitting the rare drop table is tangible, but very unlikely. Even then, you're not guaranteed to get a good roll on the Rare Drop Table. Feel free to leave me feedback, I really think this idea fits very well within Roatpkz, @Gretar. If you do agree with this post, share it among the community both in-game and on the forums in order to garner support. Also, if a staff member sees this, and would like it implemented please do not hesitate to forward this to @Gretar via Discord, or via the forums. Thank you very much for hearing me out, and have a wonderful day - Alkosor
  10. Hello, ill try and keep this short Sometimes the clan chats break and you cant kick people when they are at the top or what not(it offers to request teleport or copy kit when kick is selected, no way possible to kick them) could we have this fixed or a ::kick"name" from the clan chat command or something along these lines because when someone decides to be annoying and spam for X amount of time it Gets really REALLY frustrating and is hard to see the messages other people post especially when the ignore list is bypassed by clan chat . could we make it so that if we put a player on our ignore list we cant see the messages they post in clanchats as well as everywhere else, @Gretar
  11. Welcome to my 2nd Suggestion post, I posted my first one at the start of the month if you would like to see it here's the link. Starting off I'm going to be going through some items that should be spawnable and why they should be. Robes of Darkness These are identical in stats to Mystic and not to be confused with dark infinity. it would be a nice alternative to the mystic/enchanted we have already. Gilded armour and weapons Like the robes of darkness these are an alternative to armour we already have (idk why this was taken away in the first place, I want my gilded skirt back) Dragon Sword This weapon is kinda shit I just want it in game because it adds variety to spec choices NPC/PVM Fixes. Fix ruby bolts and make them shit again please, Jad has become a running joke and there's little to no PVP Happening there. Elder Chaos Druids Make the elder chaos druids that have recently been added drop the elder chaos robes, random mage drops like seers rings, master wands ect and maybe a rare chance of sotd? Taking them out of the BH shop would be good because its really full of shit. Also a teleport there like ::elders or some shit would be great. Move the ents and Unicorns spawns by the corp cave Players have had to lure the ents and Unicorns behind tree's just to get into the cave. Chinchompas Make it so you are able to catch/attack the chinchompas as at chin hills. Uses for the Chins would be limited but they would make multi combat so much more fun. You could have an NPC Somewhere in the wild who you can sell the chinchompas too, having the npc in the wild adds risk to it. I would also like a ::chins teleport command. Random shit. Freeze timer Venge Timer Poison/Venom infliction timer for people using serps ect Spawn Timer at KBD, Champ and Chaos Ele Add a PJ Timer at edgevile ? I would love to see this idea that Taylor said on my other post Would like to see wilderness slayer added Add Zulrah? Okay this post is done I will make another one in roughly a month or so maybe sooner idk
  12. So I had an idea that could help the server as much as us (us -> community) Basically, the idea is a new way to cash out I would like to see a way to cashout your RoatPkz money ex: RoatPkz currency to Runescape 07 currency (using a staff as a middleman) It'd be nice to see that, it'd be a new way for us to play & actually donate with 07 gp's for the people who can't donate actual money ($) You can actually sell 07 gp's for money ($) so it'd help Gretar to possibly get more donations & if he wants he could sell the 07 gp's back Leave your thoughts & comments below - Logan
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