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Roat Pkz Username

Found 5 results

  1. Here is a list of some things that should be done in-game, - Make it so if you have killed someone in wilderness and continue you´re streak without leaving the wilderness you will receive extra PkPoints, the higher the KS without leaving wilderness the higher PkPoints for next kill - Add some new items tired of the current items, new items can be: Bludgeon, Abyssal dagger, Statius Warhammer (ik we got dwh, but make swh more powerful), Elder maul (chaotics are pointless, so this will replace that when pking), Primal weapons/armour (or is primal just stupid ?), Korasi???? - Add new donators rank, Elite donator and Master donator The Elite Donator cost 100$ ticket and will have: More kit slots 1 min timer for restoring spec Custom yell colour (can choose between 4-6 colours, know we can do @[email protected]@[email protected] then get red yell but when you´re elite you dont need to do that and simply just choose a colour and you have that one until you change. Also maybe some custom colours. Custom yell tag with colours by the players name, example: Elite-Donator (Legend) Capos: Anyone wanna brid? Ability to host dice, 55x2, BJ or DiceDuels , if scammed anyone and people have evidence they lose the dice rank and will never be able to dice. The Master Donator cost 250-500$ ticket and will have: All abilities that the Elite Donator has, also more trusted to host dice. Can teleport to players, not in wilderness. ::teleto capos Restore spec anytime Custom right click tag when right clicked by other players: Follow DrunkMonkey Capos (level-126) A fucking pet? Conclusion: I know maybe some of these suggestions are impossible or stupid. But some of them may work and be good. So instead of telling me why that is stupid or why that dont work tell me what can be replaced or which of them you guys agree are good suggestions. Atleast I spent some minutes making this list, bleeh bye thanks for reading if you made it to here comment on this topic.
  2. This is the third time this happens, me losing 55k. WTffff??? AND NO I DID NOT DC BUT THE SERVER FUCKS UP WHEN U DUEL. Fix this please? Gf bank im done, I would like some of my pkp returned ive pked to 70k then try to double my bank but got frozen great. And wtf is that chat ´´enter input´´?
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