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Thing that must be changed.

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The list of bugs I posted yesterday are all fixed, tyvm Gretar, or whoever fixed them this fast :)

There's another thing I forgot, that it's not a bug but annoying as it was.

At ::risk there are a few items that let you enter on 1k and 5k risk zones, and are not worth that much on street.

Here's a table of their actual value at ::risk, and the real street value.

                                    NOW COUNTS AS                  SHOULD BE CHANGED TO

Dragon warhammer              0 pkp                                  5000 - 6000 pkp

Amulet of torture                  0 pkp                                  1500 - 2000 pkp

3rd age amulet                     5000pkp                              2000 - 2500 pkp

3rd age full helmet                5000pkp                              2000 - 2500 pkp

3rd age range coif                 5000pkp                              2000 - 2500 pkp

3rd age kiteshield                 5000pkp                               2000 - 2500 pkp

3rd age mage hat                  5000pkp                             1500 - 2000 pkp

Deerstalker                          5000pkp                              1500 - 2000 pkp

Monacle                               5000pkp                              1500 - 2000 pkp

Briefcase                              5000pkp                              1500 - 2000 pkp

Black h'ween mask               1000pkp                               500 - 800 pkp

Black partyhat                      1000pkp                               500 - 800 pkp

Deathly slayer cape              1000pkp                               300 - 500 pkp

Dragon Spear                      1000pkp                               100 - 300 pkp


I'm surely forgettin a few more, I'll post if I remember, hope those ones change value soon.





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