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Yh im Ben

a must have

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Yo its me,

not every1 will like my appeal but for me a must have for this server is good balanced pvm drops.

the thing is i alrdy donated but the donator zone or pvm at all is like a timewaste. i did in 5hrs gorillas like 300 pkp a hour and

at 10 hrs donator zone only 350 pkp a hour.

well to be honest thats really sad and a reason why lots of my friends dont wanna play this server.

i mean yh, pking isnt that good money make (if you dont risk) and the pvm is too unbalanced. maybe you could add better pvm maybe even godwars.

or an other idea would be more pkps each kill.

well i hope some1 of staff read this and discuss about this.

all the best for xmas and soon a happy new year.

all the best from germany.

(sry if i wrote something wrong or grammar is shit - getting real drunk atm. )

ben // frau am herd

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15 hours ago, Same Sea said:

man getting drunk while making suggestions on roatpkz forums. life goals.

Comment as irrelevant as you 


OT: more bosses are apparently being added so should get better but yh gorillas and donator zone are pretty pointless places to pvm because you are unlikely to get a good amount

 I disagree with the more pkp per kill point though, imo you already get enough. 

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