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Helpful Interface Functions/Info

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Hey guy,

Another guide, this time about helpful in-game functions you might've missed

1. Zoom in and out


This is helpful when spectating tournaments and other fights, etc. You can find many ways of using this.

Zoomed out




The other functions I marked include a shortcut to the donation page, enable 10x hits and client data.

2. The settings functions


08cc41e8a7377ec51cc304996e9b0263.png-Removes or adds the Hitsplats

71736a4c1723d1a0f7cb64d93f216022.png-Changes the interface to OSRS

Some functions are accesed in another way such as: Roat Tab and Pm Color.


In Roat tab place we have the Pre-Made kits


3. Stat tab functions/helpful info


Includes information such as

Kill Count

Death Count


Various points

Max hits

Server time [When you press it you get a pop-up that states your total playtime and current session]

Yell chat [When pressed changes your yell chant between: Normal/FFA/Both/Off]

Custom kits [Can be used for more efficient PvMing and PKing].

Item switch mode [changes your switch mode between OSRS switch mode and Roat switch mode]

4. Pre-Made kit tab

Besides the Pre-Made kits, there also are also shortcuts to:


Vote shortcut

Forum shortcut

Donate shortcut

5. Roat tab



Request Server Help

Helps you contact staff members

Recover an account

Redirects you to the Recovery page


I believe that's all

If I left anything out, contact me

See you,



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