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In 2014 I left Roat Pkz to serve my country, I came back home only a few months ago.. now they are putting me back in the field and possibly a deployment overseas again.. So you may not see me for a while, but hopefully I don't leave for another 2 years. I was hoping I could fix my PC's video card so I could open my Graphic's Shop and give you guys some more interesting signatures, but it doesn't look like I'll be able to do that anytime soon. :(

If anyone is curious, I do most of the network administration and headquarter's operations, which makes me a universal soldier and also makes me eligible to be anywhere at any given time around the world. My last deployment was to Kuwait, hoping this new mission is much better!  

Wish me luck, hopefully I can be active a little bit before it's final. This community has changed a TON since I left in 2014, glad I could spend a little bit of time with you guys.

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