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Tribrid/Brid clan

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Hey there! Do you enjoy bridding/tribridding, but find that no one's at ::brid or do you just want to tribrid, but learn that ::tribrid doesn't exist? If yes, then #Brid is the right cc for you. Join the  "XEX"  cc, and simply ask to brid/tribrid other clan members. You can join, and leave as you please. Every Thursday there will be a NH welfare tournament. 

NH welfare tournament:  Typically the tournament winner will recieve 5-10k pkpt upon winning without having to add pkpt into a pot, but if I do not have the pkpt at the time, every player will have to add 100 pkpt into the pot, and the winner of the tournament will receive the total. As the cc grows instead of having a pot, I will be accepting donations in order to fund a tournament. Hopefully things work out as I plan

Goal of the cc: To create a brid/tribrid community.

I've played many rsps's, and I feel that brid/tribrid held a major role in keeping those servers alive, and attracting players. I hope that I can create this community and with it bring more players that brid/tribrid to the game keeping Roatzpk alive.


CC name : Xex

Pm Xex for more questions

    Thanks for taking the time to read this, have a great day!

                               Sincerely, Xex

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