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HIYA! I'm Liqour, Liquorize, or Spooky. I've been making graphic designs for about 6-7 years.
My designs are mostly gaming/comic-related but i can pretty much work any project you give me.


Prices: Depends on what design you want, i'm not expensive though. I mostly do this to get my Graphics out on Roat again.
How long does it take?: Depends, allthough i am a very quick worker. I've pleased countless customers in only 30-40 minutes of work. Depending on the design though, time might vary, but usually i design quicker than average.

Examples of my designs (these are mostly for myself, so whatever you want might be totally different)
Hit me up on forums or ingame, i answer right away. 









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2 hours ago, Smackd said:

Nice work


2 hours ago, Suor said:

I like your style bud. Good job.


Thank you guys! Glad you like it :)

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Had work done a while back vouch for this guy. Gives multiple previews etc until your happy with final product. Price was extremely reasonable

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3 hours ago, GORILLAS said:

Lol paid for 3 gfx, received two now unreponsive 


I've been out of town, i've missed 1 day, are you even serious right now?


On 2017-03-30 at 10:20 PM, Matt said:

Make me one fam


Hmu ingame brother´

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22 minutes ago, Spooky said:


I've been out of town, i've missed 1 day, are you even serious right now?



Hmu ingame brother´

All good I just wish I had been told this? Like how was I to know you have been busy irl of I haven't heard from you since the start of the week. If you message me that you're busy at the moment I would be chill about it

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amazing, but i think my GFX rivals yours...

a tiny sample i gave someone... : puEtgMN.png

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