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Video Ideas?

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Hey whats up guys. As I am coming back to roatpkz soon (most likely this weekend) I'd like to return to making videos as well. If you have any suggestions/ideas of things that I could do for a video please do tell :)

Here are a few ideas I have so far:

- Risk BANKAI's custom against random non-riskers at edgevil

- Risk fight BANKAI's custom

- Give BANKAI's custom away while he watches and while I skype him for reaction

- Walk under BANKAI's staking opponent and get his reaction

- Log onto BANKAI's acc and delete his whole friends list, record skype reaction

- Contact BANKAI's girlfriend and do a prank so he thinks that she cheated on him with me

- Steal BANKAI's dog and hold him for randsom

- Tell BANKAI I got his girlfriend preggy

- Get BANKAI fired from his job

- Kill BANKAI's dog

- Send BANKAI 13 reasons why

- Sleep with BANKAI's girlfriend

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