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Forum suggestion, veteran rank

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Actually agree with this, also us who have been gone for a while but put our efforts and time on the old forums, Don't get credit at all in the new forums.



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Mike is annoyed his rank isn't unique soz bb, i agree tho! Should be looked into or at least have some thought given to this post. 

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Should just add wheel of fortune with prizes like 10 pkp, 1000 pkp, veteran rank on forums etc

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1 hour ago, Sandal said:

my topic was #1 posts but the noob @Tupac deleted it >:( :joy:

You were having a conversation with yourself and I was getting concerned for your mental health. :x 

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Spot on.

Gretar doesn't know most of the players on a personal level, he can just spy on your activities through logs, which unfortunately only begun from like 2014-15 (I think??). Therefore he can't confirm 5 Yr. Veteran ranks and that's why he doesn't. All the original in-game join dates have been lost over time due to changing hosting providers and file transfers/downloads..

Only way you can really tell who is 'old' and who is not is to try and search the fragments of pages found in the web archives for the old forums, and of course to check in-game you look up a certain database release. Using vouches is unreliable because people can lie.

(BTW: support for the forum stats)

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