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Akash Pk Video #6 REBUILDING

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Hey guys 'AKASH XD' here with a new Pking video, in this video you're mainly going to see riskfights because I'm currently trying to rebuild from the loss of my max set yesterday. Hope you guys enjoy, and watch in 720p. :)


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35 minutes ago, Suor said:

love it brother, keep it up.

ty brother :) 


32 minutes ago, giedriusman said:

those risk videos are better then edge ones :) gl with more

haha yes the rebuild videos are fun :) 


14 minutes ago, Tupac said:

Keep up the good work bro!

ty brother! love u <3

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4 minutes ago, Pedro said:

Vids getting better each upload 💪🏽

haha that means a lot man :D  tyvm <3 #1 supporter haha

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1 hour ago, Yoeriwada said:

Ayy nice vid keep it up. :D

ty brotha :) 


35 minutes ago, GORILLAS said:


ty :)

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29 minutes ago, Mike said:

Nice fam 

Thanks brother mike :) 


16 minutes ago, Xex said:

Nice video

Thanks bro :) was gonna add our 3 fights but the KO's weren't good enough xD

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