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Goals & Achievements! :)

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Hey guys Akash here, I recently got 500 Kills and YouTuber rank as well, huge thank you to @John @Smackd @Tupac@Killbob(killbulb the memer) @Jblind @Terzey @Mike @k0ntv0cht @KushPk @Albert and @Gretar for all the support, Sorry if i forgot your name but it really means a lot to me to make YouTube videos, and it makes the server all the more enjoyable. :) 


Next goal will be 1,000 Kills, and I will also be starting a series soon called "Road To Max Cape", stay tuned friends! :) 

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54 minutes ago, Vos said:

gz , gl on more achievements!

thanks brother! 


18 minutes ago, ♡Fantastic♡ said:

Congratulations my guy. You'll reach a thousand kills in no time :-)

haha yes brother i hope so! 


17 minutes ago, Tupac said:

Youtuber rank well deserved 

thanks brother! definitely forgot to add u but ur a huge supporter of mine <3 

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1 hour ago, JBLIND™ said:

Easy for Akash 

haha :D i hope so 


29 minutes ago, Sandal said:

Ez4you :D 

its gonna be a journey for sure :)

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5 hours ago, smoothie is back said:


Thanks bro! 


1 hour ago, Terzey said:

Nice congz! 

 You'll have 1k no time, atleast if u melee fight me :) 

LOL xD thanks bro!

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4 hours ago, Moonwalker said:

Gratz fam, well deserved for putting in the work. :)

Thanks man means a lot to me :) 

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