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Ballin' like I'm Kobe the mixtape niggas

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if anyone still interested in getting there video edited hmu, Also using my old channel for rsps vids my main gonna stay strictly for osrs fams Pce enjoy 

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5 hours ago, Hatcx said:

Separate channels now he fancy oooo


5 hours ago, Taylor said:

When you make a rsps channel from ur main you've made it 

ot: no1s perfect slap video


Chris Archie want no part of me lol 

5 hours ago, Fantastic said:

The clips and the editing is very nice. Choice of song is horrible though, sorry.

Overall pretty juicy video.

Yeah I'll admit the song is fucking annoying, Song wise I rushed it cause I had class but next vid songs will be better. Thank you though 

3 hours ago, smoothie is back said:

What a shitty ass song but good clip

Fr soz 

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4 hours ago, Floyd said:

Muted volume throughout the whole video nice clips though 💪

LMFAOOOO dw next vid ill have them tunes 

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