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Yoobs da king

Never thought I would make a perm topic.

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Users, Local Arab(Grave away) Qrow secondary main, SAFE I RUN(Main)


When I first joined in 2011 I had convinced myself that this place could serve as a home, the community so kind, friendly overall a nice environment and I was proud to consider it a form of housing a place I could come and have fun relax talk with others then the server changed along with it the players. Yesterday 11/8/2017 around 6 PM Gym Life and I confronted Gretar at ::pker099 and told him the issues with the server he watched us type but gave no fucks. He then proceeded to bring others to pker099 to talk about small fixes hes going to do while we are trying to have a serious chat with him, then he continues to dick off using the pod teleport to teleport around pker099 and fuck about.


I have served this server faithfully and tried my absolute best I do not quit easy and I hate doing it deep down, but when you face someone who is so ignorant and blind to what is really happening I have no other option. @Legend™ Truly wish I could have helped this server but when you are stuck between a rock and a hard place and no one wishes to listen to facts nothing you can really do.


Call me a pussy, wimp, retard what ever but yesterday when Gretar was fucking about I shed my 1st tear in over 7 years just one tear for his ignorance a server I once considered home is dying and I don't want to sit by and watch it die. I have tried my very best to sort staff out talk with Gretar about issues and fixes and he does nothing, Gretar uses ignorance and greed with a hint of biased responses to recruit staff members, and within my 9 years of being staff on various MMORPG's I have never met such an arrogant owner in my time. I never wanted it to be like this. Feel free to ban my accounts for (1 YEAR) so I can come back in 1 Year and see how much more the server has died. Or maybe I'll try loading said client and servers will be down cause you shut this shit down. You Gretar got $1,000.00 for a single custom you did not pay Salad for the client? And now he's off dev team? Is that right? Meaning only person that will code shit would be you and you take 6 years for simple osrs items to get added. We as a community barely hit 200+ players now we use to peak 300+


6 Year old server 200 or less players and there's 1 - 3 year old servers with 1K+ players a day. tried helping you Gretar I did not fail you failed me. Take care everyone, all those I have had beef with in the past when I say take care everyone I do mean everyone mates non mates every rpkz player do not let your mistakes define you, if you see staff fucking about abusing etc, stand up to them or nothing will ever change. Gym and I were fighting a 6 year long war and got 0 progress but if more actually gave a damn, then shit might change. But your all scared to stand against staff due to fear of being punished(Evidence - Yoobs - Admin no one questions him Yoobs - demoted that very day in yell - "I hate Yoobs', "Thank fuck Yoobs is gone", "Phew were [email protected]#"

My fight is over, it was long I was dedicated and I will return if things change overtime.


Kind Regards,

C. Poland

- Being a team leader is not just a title of which you carry into battle, it is a badge you wear constantly; if you do not perform at your absolute best, then what reason.. do you give others to follow you.

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man ill tell u what ill be the first to tell the staff how it is i started playing this server when it first released and it was doing so good for so long i logged on yesterday to see 82 players online kinda broke me to see what we call our home rsps is now slowly going down and it will be nothing but another story in the books about another server going under i really hope they do make the changes that is needed to make it a #1rsps again

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