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Tournament Changes

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This topic is to get more ideas of what changes need to be made in the tournaments. I've come up with a short list so far if you wouldn't mind contributing.

- Remove Lunar spell book when the tournament requires ancients to stop people using Vengance before the round starts.

- when the round ends your setup loads automatically and to remove the need to type ::loadkit.

- As we know some fights get glitched and for Mod+ or SS's too idm to be able to run ::endfight (Username of one of the the participants).

If you want you can format your reply like this (Please specify which tournament you're referring to):

Item Additions/Removals:


Map locations:




Will be a continuous topic so reply when you can or wish to. 

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I only slightly agree with the third one, what if you guys use it for other unrelated bugged issues? If you used other correct procedures like kicking, checking to see if it's true if another player was just fcing or whatever great. Just strictly bugging for this command? I agree. For the other two suggestions, those are just "trade secrets", you pick up by up by playing the game. It takes one or two seconds to type in loadkit, veng is only good for one hit.

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What most want :

- Add prayers to the F2P.

- Add Barrows tank to Welfare Hybrid.

- Make Zerker 60 attack, or remove tent.

- Remove tent from Pure tournament.

- Remove veng from ancient spellbook tournaments.

- Remove pre-veng when you enter tournament portal.

- Remove karil's leatherskirt from all tournaments.


What I want :

- Arcane and Armadyl in Max Hybrid and Tribrid tournaments.

- Remove Dharok from Main Melee tournaments.

- Remove Granite maul from all tournaments, ruins the fun if you can stack 100+, 10 seconds into the fight.


Can't think of all of the ideas I had right now.

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F2P Tournament

Item Additions/Removals:
- Rune Scimitar
- Anti-Dragon shield


Prayer Additions/Removals:
- "Ultimate Strength"
- "Eagle Eye"
- "Mystic Might"

- No overhead prayers allowed, like it is now


- Would be more like the good "max" pking in osrs, when u are f2p.
- People won't camp Rune Scimitar and hope their rng is on point.
- Would probably make the F2P Tournament more attractive for players.

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Removals/additions: Remove whip from pures, d scim is good enough. Remove tent from pure nh. Remove double karils from hybrid/tribrid. Add barrows to welfare, or atleast occult. Add bounty hunter items (not ancestral) + zenyte items. Enable new prayers for EVERYONE in tournaments only. 

Location: Clan wars

Other: 2 brews instead of 1 in pure nh. 3 brews in hybrid/welfare. Get a system that forces (for example) at least a 5 way to be able to attack in hybrid, to stop 2-3 wayers win by outlast rofl 

remove pre-veng, rune scim from f2p (bow to 2h only)

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