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shakin' off the rust

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33 minutes ago, Hatcx said:

Nice King Lee 



28 minutes ago, Smackd said:

Can’t shake off the rust, you just aren’t too skilled my friend.

i know :(

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3 hours ago, JBLIND said:

I have vision impairment can you please make it brighter, thanks! nice vid

Im colorblind idk what that is!

4 hours ago, A Tribute To Mourinho said:

Idk if you do it on purpose but the way you insta gmaul-ags after a hit looks sick af, even though it gives them 2 ticks to prepare

No1 expects it usually tbh

6 hours ago, Xbrzh said:

It’s not rust you’re just mud skinned

50 shades of mud

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