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Is it me, or is feminism in the US getting more radical?


This is Nicole Arbor, a 420,000 subscriber YouTuber who recently came out with a remix for Childish Gambino's "This is America".

In the video, she basically fucking steals the whole concept of This is America but changes it for women.

I'm not saying that feminism is wrong, but in the video, she's fucking contradicting herself, offending men, and acting like being a white female in American society is hard. She's basically one of the fucking retards who create these controversial videos just for attention.

Does she have the right to compare the struggle of black people in America to her own relaxed, comfortable life? 

“I thought it best to respond to the misinterpretation of my video here to clarify openly,” she wrote. “The purpose of my rendition was to honor the spirit of the video which absolutely moved me, by adding my and many women’s life experiences and truths to the brave and brutal truths expressed in the original.”

Continued Arbour: “It was created with every intention of bringing a light to women’s experiences such as the shaming of mothers breast feeding, common place date rape drugging, the labels put on us of ‘prude or hoe,’ pressures to create a family, workplace harassment, the glass ceiling, drug dependency, effects of social media on modern relationships and self, and included a nod to the cheerleaders who have come forward demanding at least min wage from the multi million dollar corporations they work for.”

OK. First off, this is not a proper explanation for why she made the video, and isn't even an apology. What are the "brave and brutal truths" that are shown in the video? 

The wage gap?

The wage gap between males and females goes back to centuries, because men can do all the work and women just stayed home as housewives. If you get offended because I'm saying this, you must be a fucking idiot. It's true.

Today, we see that, but more modernized. "Women never attempt to reach higher because they have a backbone, so that's why there's a wage gap" said Ben Shapiro.

And in the video, she acts like every man is privileged, and note that, every male in the video was WHITE. How are you not going to notice the other 30% or so group of minorities that face daily struggles, while you sit here, drinking your Starbucks, and staying rich?

Yeah. Every male is a rapist. Every male deserves to die. Every male is scum. 

This is what she says in the video, but frankly, I'm not seeing it. Males have WAY more problems. FOR EXAMPLE. The suicide rate in males is 3.5X MORE THAN WOMAN. 

Also, with domestic abuse.

Have you ever seen a woman go to jail for abusing her boyfriend? No, right? BUT, have you ever seen a male go to jail for abusing his girlfriend? I've seen it COUNTLESS TIMES. 

Men are expected to be the ones who pay everything, who earn everything, who have to provide, and honestly, it's just fucking bullshit. How are we supposed to function in American society if fucking retard feminists are asking for power the already have, our schools are being shot down every day by some suicidal kid who never got the attention he deserved, and found+easily had access to a gun, how are we going to improve this society if people point out problems that are already solved? 

You've seen all these sexual hollywood allegations, right?

All of the offenders were male... 

SO.... you're telling me that there are no female sexual harrasers? Wow, that's very surprising, I would have thought that there were, and maybe there was something that didn't allow other people to know about it (media).

OK guys, I'm done with this rant. Tell me what you think. 

Here's the video for reference.

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Probably not the right audience to post this for since nobody on here takes stuff like this seriously but here’s my input:

She is a white female, her life is easy simple as that. She’s been in drama before on YouTube and now she’s posting this to stay relevant, like most radical feminists she doesn’t care about equality she wants females to be ABOVE men, which is why she is getting so much criticism and hate. I myself don’t hate feminism, REAL feminism I support. She talks about her life being hard and downplays men which shows how poor her character really is. Really is a shame that feminists are going to put her as the face of their campaign now that she made this video.


also long time no see :)

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Agreed with Akash, not greatest place. But good that you're voicing your thoughts. Interesting read cheers.

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3rd wave feminism is for wasteman yutes

The gender pay gap has been disproven countless times, and there is no such thing as a rape culture. 

The wage gap myth Is determined by comparing the median earnings of all woman working full time vs all men working full time. Men work the harder jobs and are more likely to pursue high level positions and work longer hours, so obviously they are going to make more money in the long run. 

Also: Men are 9x more likely to die in the work place, 4x more likely to commit suicide, and more men are raped if you include prison inmates.

It boils down to liberal hysteria 

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A feminist motion isn’t necessarily at all on a major scale in Western countries such as the US and UK. You could say the movement would be more necessary in strongly Islamic countries, such as those within the Middle East, but that is an argument against the medeival culture of the religion. 

To those who say the Gender Pay Gap is a myth, you are jumping onto a train of which you don’t know the destination of. If exists, its been proven. Do I believe its threatening in Western societies? No. Why? Because it is the Gender WAGE (not pay) Gap that is non existent. Females’ pay per hour is not lower than males’. If this was the case, surely it would be the women benefitting from this, as employers would just hire females over males as they would be able to pay them less for the same work? Its because females are paid the same as males for the same work. So, you may wonder how a pay gap formed between genders if there is no wage gap. Well, there are many reasons and I personally believe studies have been misleading when reported in mainstream media and that they haven’t gone into depth of what is the cause of this pay gap. Remember correlation is not causation. 

A few reasons behind the pay gap which aren’t considered in mainstream media reports:

a) males are statistically more likely to work overtime and therefore more hours. You may say this is down to gender stereotypical roles of the women having to attend home to care for the children post school etc, but that would completely disregard the factor of BIOLOGICAL gender characteristics (eg: Professor of Psychology, Jordan Peterson, has studied this topic and has claimed a gender difference is that females are biologically more submissive).

b) males are more likely to work riskier jobs which can be rewarded in higher pay. This is shown as in 2015, 93% of workplace fatalities were male. 

c) other reasons - mainly caused by gender characteristics, such as career choice.


for anybody arguing that gender characteristics don’t exist and that it is society’s stereotypes that push men into certain jobs and females into others, then explain this:

Norway is one of the most ‘gender neutral’ countries, with one of its most important political stances being to enforce this. Yet Norway has a ratio of 1:20 male to female nurses and a 20:1 male to female engineers ratio. This is in a country that promotes gender equality and the riddance of gender stereotypes, yet it has a higher ratio of gender bias in specific jobs. 


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