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[Tip]: Sound in the game. (For Demonic Gorilla)

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Hi, I'm JoPihnPk, today I wanted to come and express my sound suggestion in the game, not in the whole game, just in some bosses that require it.

This suggestion is that they opened it previously, but I am new, and I wanted to give my opinion on this, with the sound in demonic gorilla everything would be much easier, for the pkers, and to warn of some BOSS in the wilderness.

also to have fun and feel more the creativity of the game, just watch a moving image bored a little.

(No offense, the game is well done.)

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It is a good idea, i just simply think adding Audio to the server will make it run slower and ity'll be harder for gretar due to hey'll have to actually readd the Sound sprites and interfaces and Backdoor Coding.

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