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These were my goals 2018:

- Get my car license 

- Get a job

- Start studying in uni

This is what I achieved:

- I got my car license 

- I got a job 

- I got accepted to university (today)

- Made 2,5k$ playing roat lmao :ppp

- Stopped being so active on roat (best achievement so far) 

How has 2018 been treating you? 

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5 hours ago, Smoothie said:

Made 2,5k$ playing roat lmao :ppp

damn son, looks like all that rwting is paying off

Just now, Blood Hound said:

2500!!! woaH!!!!!!

how the hell do you have 3,389 posts if i've never seen you on the forums in 2 years

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Got a new job 

Improved my social life tenfold 

Quit Roat 

Closed legion

Started going to the Gym again


Did a lot more but cba, overall 2018 wad a very productive year for me 

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