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YOOO what's good guys! So, ya boy just found his folder with all my risk fight screen shots and recordings. I had soo many screen shots that I made a slide show with the kills and constant bank building from the streaks I went on. Trust me, some of these fights are CRAZY lit risks. My bad btw guys, I was a bit busy with school last semester and wasn't on for the usual 5+ hours you guys are used to seeing haha. 

BUT! Since I stocked up a lot of my risk fights and just some pk clips/bank clips/ + more. vrwmjk.png Yeah ... I even went all in on this lol 

Let me know if you guys would like seeing this and me posting again like I used to. I mean I'll probably do it regardless but I love the positive feedback and even the negative critics. Look forward to that and lets just say ... we back babyyy lets get it! 

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8 hours ago, Umut said:

Nice bro! Wb

Thanks bro! 


8 hours ago, paramingo said:


Yuhhhh Thank you 


8 hours ago, Death Dream said:

Looks like I'm not the only one using a MacBook. Welcome back buddy.

Ikr loll, thanks 


5 hours ago, Same Sea said:

shut up freak

lmfaooo forreal 

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3 hours ago, Suor said:

Don't @ me lol I don't know who you are and didn't ask either tbh.

shat ap downie u have custams to merch

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