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more worlds

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with the growing activities that 'regular rs' has like slayer and in the future, other skills. i think there should be more worlds. more worlds would benefit the server by allowing you to hop worlds if the place where your slayer monsters are crowded. 

i think this would be an amazing addition to roatpkz but if its not possible, its not possible.

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I personally don't think we need it, IMO we can have 2x the current online players and be OK. Sure when new content is added, there is always initial hype surrounding it and that place becomes a hotspot, happened for Wildy key, Slayer, Demonics, etc etc. During that time it looks like the amount of NPC won't be enough but eventually people move on and the activity in those places stabilises to accommodate enough players. And if there's not, well players can fight over them and call back up. It adds healthy competition.

I know what you're going for, and it's a good thought, but it will just spread the playerbase too thin and we want high wilderness/PKing activity as possible.

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Wild is already dead let alone adding more worlds, not needed unless we ever hit 800-1000 imo which is unlikely 

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