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Guide to SetEmail

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This guide is aimed for players who are strugglin with how to set a email!

1.1 How i make a email? If you got already a email skip to part 2.1

Click create an account.

1.2. Create your email with your own details and click next.



1.3. Optional to add phone and recover email adress after done click next.



1.4. Accept the privacy and terms, create account then confirm.


2.1 When you already got a email just ::setemail (your email)


2.2 You will receive a email


2.3 click on the link to verify your email


2.4 You will receive a new email with your security code from now your account is highly protected of hackers.


Why would i set a email with a security code on my account?
This will secure your account on your own computer.

What if i get hacked and all my pkp getting stolen?
If you got no email-set with a security code and all your pk points got stolen there will be no refund!!!

I´m working on this guide in Arabic, if you need any help or if you got any questions you can reach me ingame; Paramingo or on discord Dinazz#7114


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21 minutes ago, Shadovv said:

i tried verifing my email but i get a invalid/unknown id error how the fuck.........

Pm me on discord i help you Dinazz#7114

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