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Team Tournaments 

  • 3v3, 5v5 etc
  • multi or singles - can vary
  • less regular than usual tournaments (maybe once a month?) - higher rewards
  • similar to OSRS clan cup - noticeboard at ::home with current winners? 
  • if a liked idea, can be gone into with more detail 


New instanced boss:

  • would be the most consistent and highest PvM pkp/hr - drops could be discussed if a liked idea 
  • instance entrance location in the wilderness
  • certain risk value threshold required to enter the instance (therefore risking PkP on your journey to the instance). Eg: 1k+ PkP risk. Prevents people taking 4 items PvM'ing with no risk.
  • eg: Vorkath, Abyssal Sire

Open up resource area with a use - (an area that could be polled to gather feedback)

Consider ways of shuffling the wilderness' active areas - hotspots didn't seem to work when I last played

Most of these suggestions are re-suggestions straight from this post I made over a year ago.


A few have since been added to the game in different ways and some I have chosen to not re-suggest. Thread goes into some of these re-suggestions with more detail. 


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