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fantastic cx

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the bug is fantastic cx shouldnt be mod coz of this, ive been pking and having fun and then a guy start to hit me all the time im like okay i go grab my best gear possible and hit him back too because hes really bad and then this guy said oh u want to get pk cooldown im like wtf im fighting u im not ragging and then i get pk cooldown by fantastic cx for no reason while i was pking with a armadyl crossbow and a gmaul and full arm i wasnt ragging at all i was trying to kill him he even blacklisted me and i got banned for ragging like can this mod abuse more of his power because hes gay in real life so he got to listen to his boyfriend in game when hes mad? ive been ragged by some people who was actually ragging not pking like me and they never got banned in anyway and because i was annoying his boyfriend he pk cooldown me ?? why hes he even a mod if hes abusing his power

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i be honest with you you were toxic asfk once to players and think admins cannot check chatlogs etc lol .-. take that L you spastic get downed by @Yoobs LOLOL my mangofreak

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