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Lady Loza

Staff feedback & overview of the server.

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It has been a while since I have made a feedback thread about our ROATPKZ staff. Since returning on august of 2018, I have been playing the game consistently while also observing what is going on within the game. Before I continue with my feedback on the staff team, I would like to address my overview on this server by far. I am not addressing any personal problems of a staff member because that will spark up drama. I do not have a personal vendetta against any of the staff members, for those with assumptions. This is just a disclaimer for those who think it will be that way.

Overview of the game

I can say this for myself and for other people as well that this server has the potential to grow. The problem is that the server has been poorly managed by the staff team throughout the time I returned. One of the current issues we have is the lack of  staff members in a specific timezone. Most of, if not all, of our staff members  are in the European/America&idk others,  timezone. There are usually a few players who want to Donate RSGP at the time I am on, But just like any other human, will always have something to do IRL, so you all have to be active please. There are no staff members on for the duration of my day (my timezone is UTC +2). For a server that keeps at about 150/300 players, a staff member should be available to keep check of rule-breakers and especially the players who seek help. 
One issue that I know for sure that is being solved is the continuation of consistent updates. As of late, updates have been coming and going and Gretar has been addressing suggestions from our community. I trust that he will continue to listen to our community in order for our game to improve and strive to become the best. We can never get another developer like Gretar, but hopefully another developer can be able to assist Gretar with future updates and bug fixes. That way, if something in-game were to crash once again, the other developer can fill in for Gretar to fix the issue. 

Staff feedback

Overall feedback: I have to say I am disappointed with how the staff team is organized right now. There are only a few staff members who get on to actually help our players and address situations. The root cause of the quality of this team is the activity of the members. I hope this issue is addressed and will be resolved. However, I am glad that some of our staff members reply to their private messages on Discord. At least there's a platform where we can interact with a staff member when we need one. 

[Image: FpKlVBZ.png]SMACKD
- Despite having to be on for some time, he helps in-game with certain problems such as account recoveries. I see him as our most active admin at the moment. I just hope that he continues to be consistent and find the time to be there for our players and our game. 

[Image: FpKlVBZ.png]JBlind
- Although a lot of people (especially myself) sees him as one of ROATPKZ's leaders, that has not been the case lately. In my opinion, most of his activity has been in Pking Than helping people. I appreciate that he actively responds to Discord messages, but he needs to come in-game more to help our players. I see improvement as he has been going in-game lately to help out, but I hope to see consistency in the future.  

[Image: FpKlVBZ.png]Gretar
- Gretar is very nice, And working hard on this server, best developer brother, keep it up, yes i have never spoke to you, but you seem good guy, keep it up matie.

[Image: Died3.gif]PK GUY
- One of, if not, the best additions towards the team. Since returning, I see PK GUY around most of the time actively helping our players and hosting events and activities for our players. It is great to see a staff member engaging with our community. He is serious when needed to be. The one flaw that he has right now is consistency, and like most of the staff members in our team, that needs to be improved. Keep up with the activity. 

[Image: Died3.gif]Rag bot v1
- I generally see him as another one of our consistent helpers of the staff team. When I see him on for a while, I see him helping our players and that is a great sight. He needs to do this more often because I see his activity deteriorating gradually, and that is not a good thing to We hope to see less of that in the future. 

[Image: server_support.png]A PIxEl
- PIXEL helpful, not talk to him much, but he seems good, keep going on your great work brother<3

RoatInGameName: Tarquin.

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Appreciate the feedback, please can you expand on the point of consistency? Not sure what you mean by it

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18 hours ago, Lady Loza said:

[Image: FpKlVBZ.png]SMACKD
- Despite having to be on for some time, he helps in-game with certain problems such as account recoveries. I see him as our most active admin at the moment. I just hope that he continues to be consistent and find the time to be there for our players and our game. 

@Smackd Wow 🤩

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17 minutes ago, sophia said:

Oh god its been a while since i was on forums but what is this LOL

bro this is a friendly member of our wonderful comnmunity giving good feedback on our support members., u ccould learn a trhing or two from him! 

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