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Roat Pkz 【THREE】

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6 hours ago, Heh said:

Very nice.

lots of improvement 



1 hour ago, Fantastic said:

Good video brother. 💪

thx homies

2 hours ago, Lineup said:

Song choice is 💤.
But really clean video tho! 

yh i can see how ppl dont like the song

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1 hour ago, mrss king said:

Good video with alot of good matches, but choose other music next time,


mrss king


7 minutes ago, Tupac said:

Bad music but good pking

looking forward to more vids

LOL this music choice didnt go over well it seems

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Fam don’t worry about people dissing u about music they don’t know who trippie redd is everyone is foreign and from isreal

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