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Good morning/afternoon/evening!

I am Arokh. I am 24 years young, and residing in the United Kingdom. I am father to one daughter and I work as an assistance manager for one of Amazon's warehouses. I relish travelling the world - visiting every country being on my bucket list (49 visited and counting). In my spare time, I relish working out, gaming, and drawing. 

I commenced playing RuneScape in 2003, and RuneScape Private Servers in 2007 - CheezScape being the first I had ever played, Dodian being the second, and DeltaScape being the third. Since then I have been hooked on RuneScape Private Servers and I have played well over one hundred of them. I have, however, not played RuneScape Private Servers for virtually 2 years now. This is due to playing Old School RuneScape, but there is something with it that is no longer cutting it for me anymore, so I commenced looking to get back into the RuneScape Private Server scene, and after a long thoughtful search, Roatz Pkz was the one which caught my attention the most. 

I have yet to play, but I am exhilarated to get into the action, as well as meet new people. Anyhow, see you all around!

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Nice intro and welcome to Roat Pkz! 

Those names recall memories of the good old days. I entered the RSPS scene in '09, and remember particularly playing so many variants based on Delta, and then later PI, including trying my hand at running my own. Most servers were so amateurish back then, but the quality and standards these days is raised so high that RSPS can and does rival OSRS.

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