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friendly dog

Entire Kit Wiped

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Have no clue what the fuck happend, did some corp earlier on in the night then i went pking, did some lms and went to the deadman chest. later on tried to load my kit and literally every item in it is now missing from my bank except my inferno cape but like my vesta, stat helm / tort / untradeable items like my defender and fero gloves are gone, i logged out and relogged and they are still gone. i don't expect to get my shit back and i know this isn't much help but just thought i'd let you know and see if anyone else has had some weird shit like this happen. 

I can't think of any reason why they would vanish but my infernal cape and rune pouch stayed. this shit is super confusing and if a admin could check youd see i still have my red skull killstreak so i didn't die and if you check the logs i didn't trade anyone/gamble/duel etc so yeah pretty fucking weird.

I have no proof except i shadow played my reaction to when i figured out all my shits gone and i can upload that if you want to laugh.




edit:the only weird shit that happend that night was during the deadman chest event i got promoted in my clan  so i relogged because the owner was having trouble finding me and it teled me home to edge when i logged back in which is the last thing that happend before i noticed all my shit had just been thanosed.


edit : went back through some footage i had saved and found this which shows my items at 3:40 5SE6Fv4.png

and i noticed they where gone here sBTkRaa.png (4:30ish) so in that hour my items disappeared but i have no footage of it as i use nvidia shadowplay which allways records but only saves the last ten minutes when i press a hotkey.


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