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When is SNF/Pgang actually going to war us???

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Hey fellow players I assume you all have seen the SNF/Pedogang faggots spamming yell that they are kings but when will they actually war #VM?

Yall faggots talk shit all day but you guys cant even fucking organise a war, rather than war us directly like a man you go to revs and gang up on 1 PVMer and then post a fucking trash shit video of that and call yourselves the kings. If your a real man how about fucking give us a time and date and we will rock up and you can try to fight us properly rather than being little faggots hiding in singles. Go fuck yourselves you faggots.


Hope you guys will consider this and actually war us because this is getting really boring and old.

Just war us already we are bored.

Also 7x your the biggest faggot I never liked you and i thought your video edits were a true embarressment for #VM. Like seriously you edit like a autistic 12 yr old. KYS son.


Heres an image of 7x dying to me at funpk after claiming he was the nh king



SNF at edge because they are too poor for clan base


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27 minutes ago, Tupac said:

Ur both shit you should delete this 

theres a fight breaking out in the mental hospital atm

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