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Tuchay is the worst SS on roat

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It's time to end this man/woman's entire career. He doesn't deserve the title of SS, he is not worthy of the title of SS. I'm going to be completely honest when I say this because as I am a renowned forums member with more posts/likes than him I can assure you that my word is worth more than his. Tuchay is just a wannabe Tupac. Let's be real my niggas (Dw I've been given the n-word pass by @Tupac on August 16th 2017 4:32 pm). My brothers, my a7es, my halal food eaters it's time to make me SS. It's time to bring down these wanna be dick riding roatpkers and make some changes around here. Jblind has abused us for far too long. Smackd has ghosted our pms for far too long. Gretar has... hold up Gretar's chill. You get the point, we've been pushed around for far too long, Kill me pls, life is so stupid.


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i agree @Tuchayis a dead beat:/ if youre ganna have a dude like him as a staff member, representing Roat, why not have @Isaiah? amirite? Roat is getting bigger and attracting more players so you dont want to "leave a sour taste in their mouths" by having staff members talk shit, yknow?

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