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Wilderness Clue Scrolls

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Wilderness Clue Scrolls

1. Wildy Clue Scrolls dropped by NPCs/Skilling.

2. Easy/Medium/Hard clues - higher lvl npcs drop hard clues more often.

3. Rewards such as PKP/Rare items corresponding to difficulty of the clues.

4. When u dig for the reward, an NPC boss will spawn and fight u (give decent amount of hp and difficulty).

5. You can only defeat the boss with specific weapons (can add to vote shop/pkp shop).

6. Once you dig the clue, you will be tbed for 5 minutes, forcing players to run out of the wilderness.

7. Add achievements for x amount of easy/medium/hard clues completed.



1. People like to do clue scrolls.

2. Make wilderness more active.

3. New content for people to do.

4. Can make voting more lucrative and/or remove pkp via #5 above.

5. Gretar makes $$$ and should consider spawning me a tbow *wink wink*. 


P.S. I need legendary rank on forum. Kthxbye. 


1- clue scrolls would have multiple steps so people would be inside the wilderness for at least couple minutes to fully complete their clue

2- the boss only appears on the final clue

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Despite the approach the team would want to take with the clue scrolls I definitely think this is a great idea 100% support this!

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5 hours ago, Knasterd said:

This has been suggested multiple times now, double support from my side.

I didn't know it was suggested before, and if multiple ppl suggested it, it must imply that people want to do clue scrolls. What do you think of the clue scroll method I described above? Do you like the approach or do you have any suggestions?


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