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Yoobs da king

Advertising Script

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Player you are reporting: Link In Desc

Rule Broken: Use of third party's aka bot script.

Time: 6:54 PM - 6/7/2020

Private: Yes






Additional Information: I got a tip new players deal with mass spam from what they assumed to be a bot trying to mass recruit for their clan so I went ahead and made some fresh accounts and the person PMing my accounts in the picture is clearly visible with the "Guthix Kiteshield" 

So either it's a program that adds all new users and messages them (OR) it's a real person who manually adds them and spams new players all to fucking dog shit with their clans faggotry... It's disruptive and should not be happening. Of course with clans being spoon fed him and his shitter of a CC is going to get a "Talking to" only, even though this has apparently been going on for months now...


Make sure something fucking happens not just let this cancer slide. 

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