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Clue Scroll Guide

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Updated: 7/18/2020 

Table of Contents 

  • Introduction
  • How to get started (recommended gear)
  • Clue Locations 
  • QNA Clues (Question and Answers)
  • Coordinate Task 
  • Hot & Cold Tasks (Strange Device)
  • Search for an Object Task
  • Skilling Requirements
  • Rewards
  • Credits




Please read this topic before you begin your clue hunt, it provides all the introductory information you will need. 

How to get Started


1) type ::Clues - talk to Uri and get a spade, strange device, and purchase a clue box (optional if you want to keep your clue upon death)


2) Recommended Gears:



Clue Locations 


1) Rogue castle -> ::50s and go North


2) Hobgoblin mine - North of Bandit Camp


3) Rune rock area - North of Lava Maze


4) ::mb -> West, south of pirate hideout


5) North of ::Graveyards - the ruins


6) ::easts then run West 


7) Demonic ruins, ancient spellbook -> Annakarl tp


7.5) South Lava Dragon Isle - ::Chins run Northeast


8. Lava Maze (see red circle)


9) Fountain of Rune: ::50s run east, within the red circle


10) Frozen Waste Plateau - ::44s then run North. Should be within red circle, close to that mining icon. You can see the X is marked by the tree.


11) ::easts then run north. The middle of those 2 fishing spots, but should be within the red circle.


12) ::50s NE


13) ::Easts Run North - Spider Hut - "X" is within the U-shaped hut


14) Forgotten Cemetery ::cemetery 


15) West of ::mb - deep wilderness dungeon (below the stairs)


16) Bandit Camp - North of ::wests/::darkcastle 


17) ::Easts - body of water on the side 


18) ::chins small lake 


19) ::44s run east - near entrance to Lava Maze


20) ::home run north to the river near the mining area


21) ::Wests then go east - Dark Warriors Fortress Mining area 


22. South of Lava Maze ::cemetery -> NE



23. Agility Arena South Entrance



24. ::chins run north east, left side of lava dragon isle


25. Near Bear - annakarl tp (ancient spell book) -> South


26. Lava Dragon Gate - ::Chins NE 


27. East of Agility Area next to Pirate Hut


28. Scorpion Pit - ::50s Northwest



29. South of ::graves


30. South of ::graves


31. Altar - ::44s south


32. Bandit Camp NW corner ::Darkcastle run North


33. Bandit Camp Northeast ::Revs/::Darkcastle run North 



Question and Answer Clues


1) How many black knights in wilderness? 11

2) How many green dragons in wilderness? 30

3) How many xp cooking a shark gives you? 840 

4) How many scorpions outside of scorpia cave? 6

5) How many pirates in pirate hut? 10

6) How many Saradomin Mages inside Mage Arena? 3

7) Name of NPC east of Agility? Darren

8. How many Unicorns in the wilderness? 12

9) How many fishing spots in the wilderness? 9

10) Name of highest Ranked Donator? Legendary 

11) What is the longest time you can stay in ::Rehab? 7 Days

12) How many charges can Abyssal Tentacle hold? 1.5K 

13) What is the name of the NPC that sells skill capes? Skilling Master

14) What year did Roatpkz launch? 2011

15) How many rocks at ::mining? 46

16) How many thieve stalls at ::home? 2

Coordinate Tasks


1) Bring a shovel ::getid spade

2) Type ::dataon 

3) Open the world map https://explv.github.io/?centreX=3091&centreY=3488&centreZ=0&zoom=9



4) type in the X and Y coordinates (top left corner) and dig at that location

5) Make sure your ::dataon is active, you will need to dig at that exact coordinate location.

Hot & Cold Tasks (Strange Device)


1) Get a spade and "Strange Device" from Uri @ ::clues.



2) Use the device near mid/high level wilderness (::chins, ::44s, ::50s, ::mb, ::easts, ::wests, annakarl tp etc).

3) The device will give you geolocation hints, e.g. "it's getting warmer", "it's getting colder", "it's getting very hot", "your device is visibly shaking" - head toward the direction where the device is getting warmer -> hot -> visibly shaking. Head toward the opposite direction if the device is getting cold/colder/etc.

4) You may dig when the device tells you that it is "visibly shaking". Prepare to fight an NPC. Then dig again for your clue or casket.


Search For An Object 


1) Lvl 43 Dead Tree Search - Annakarl Teleport -> Southwest


2) Lvl 41 Dead Tree Search - ::44s -> East (By Lava Maze)


3) Lvl 47 Rock search - ::50s -> East -> Rock next to Fountain of Rune


3.1) Lvl 47 Rock search - East of Rune Rocks


4) Lvl 56 Barrel Search - East of Agility Area


5) Lvl 52 Crate search - ::50s inside the Rogue Castle


6) Lvl 6 Search Dead Tree - North of ::home by the skele mining area


7) Lvl 47 Crate - Ancient Teleport (Annakarl)


8. Lvl 51 Rock - ::50s NE - Lava Mountain 


9. Lvl 24 Crate - ::cemetery run SW


10. Lvl 22 Barrel - ::darkcastle run North into Bandit Camp


Skilling Requirements

  • 52 Agility
  • 95 Thieving
  • 85 Mining
  • 85 Smithing
  • 85 Fishing
  • 90 Cooking
  • 75 Woodcut



Type ::clue-rewards in the game



1) You can combine Easy/Medium/Hard/Elite into a Master Clue at ::clues (use any clue on Uri)

2) How many clue scrolls can I have at a time? You can have one of each (Easy/Medium/Hard/Elite/Master) at a single time, but you may not have duplicates of each. 

3) Join a team if you can so you can help each other with clue item requirements. It's easier to borrow an item if you offer collateral equal of value. 

4) Skill in Resource Area or ::Dzone cave for 2x exp. Beware it is dangerous so don't bring a lot of risk.

5) Set ::Riskdefence 5K (does not work with skilling clues) risk so raggers can't attack you. Can save you in some scenario!

6) What do I pray at Mimic Boss? Pray Melee and bring food/potions to fight him. Chance for a 3rd age piece.


  • Plank Gang Discord
  • What is Fear Discord
  • Roatpkz Discord & Forum
  • Tulrak (skilling requirements)
  • Jeroentje029 (unicorns)
  • Bind U Dead (Abyssal Tentacle charges)
  • STL Trapstar (Abyssal Tentacle charges)
  • Specked2edge (lvl 6 tree)
  • Hershey (clue pic)
  • Psycho Qz (year roat launched)
  • Kevin Malon (51 rock)
  • Warrior RSPS (::mining)
  • Fruitiest (Bandit Camp NW) 
  • Soufy (Mining Rocks)
  • Camel Sack (thieve stalls)
  • Fruitiest (Bandit Camp NE)

This guide is a work in progress, feel free to leave a comment below if you have any information not included in the guide. I will credit your contribution. Hope this helps some of you. Happy clue hunting!

Edited by zite
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- Fixed resolution on all location pics

- 26+ locations 

- Added more QNA's

If not on the guide feel free to comment with the picture and I'll credit your contribution.

Thanks everyone who helped. 

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- Added Search for an object locations 

- Added Skilling Requirements (Credit: Tulrak)

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how many charges can abysall tentacle hold? its a question i have to answerr when speaking to mandrith outside resource area for hard clue scroll. i tried 1k , 5k , 2500 , 10k, and 20k , and 1 

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6 minutes ago, stl trapstar said:

how many charges can abysall tentacle hold? its a question i have to answerr when speaking to mandrith outside resource area for hard clue scroll. i tried 1k , 5k , 2500 , 10k, and 20k , and 1 

Try 1.5K/2K. Confirm pls.

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7 minutes ago, stl trapstar said:

how many charges can abysall tentacle hold? its a question i have to answerr when speaking to mandrith outside resource area for hard clue scroll. i tried 1k , 5k , 2500 , 10k, and 20k , and 1 

The correct answer is 1500.

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18 minutes ago, specked2edge said:

look for a dead tree at level 6 wilderness. need help, can someone show me where it is.



North of ::home by the skele mining area

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7 minutes ago, Pk said:

WName of NPC that sells skillcapes? "Other Shops" doesnt work?

Try "Skilling Master" - he's the guy at ::Skill. Let me know if it works and I'll add it to the guide. 

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23 hours ago, Pk said:

WName of NPC that sells skillcapes? "Other Shops" doesnt work?

Simply in game use this code

::getid ‘skill cape desired’

Edited by 1 slap

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..my.mi@zite   very descriptivel


collaboration of most, if not all, clue spots and requirements.  


*tips that*


And btw. Buying 3rd age long bow.  Pm me in game

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18 hours ago, nuggin yoass said:

Where exactly @ rune rock area?> cant seem to get it

If I recall correctly, it's slightly south of the mining icon or around it, don't wander too far from those 2 trees. Look at the clue map, it will help you. It's definitely there. Good luck.

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4 hours ago, Fruitiest said:

@Fantastic @Gretar

Could you add a command in game to link to this thread? ::clueguide or something 



This one is at bandit camp 4 tiles north of the door

Updated and given u credit. Thanks. 


If any staff want to help update this topic feel free to edit.

If any players want to add something to the list, feel free to comment below.

This is an ongoing community project. 

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