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Rot Tries pknew

Boney Money Scammed me my bank

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Hi Admins,mods and server supports,

Username : Boney Money

TIME : 00:16 English 11/06/2020

Place : Duel Arena

My user : Rot Tries Pk


He told me trade him everything he knows i have autism so he took advantage of me i got told by my clan they were afk so couldn't help me but he promised to give stuff back i know he has alot of items so i thought why cant i trust him he took my whole 14k worth of items.





#5b Item Scamming - Rule broken


he knows i got autism 


he said that after ty for ur bank i didnt know till after and he is very rich and does this too me

i am now crying and i will go too sleep crying


he wont give back :( he said he would 100% i asked many times and then he said he would double it in the end... i seen his rares and bank so i thought yes he is legit guy

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