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A moment of silence for all the people we have lost along the way

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A moment of silence for the players we lost along the way. The OGs that went offline and never came back to the forums. I ask that you @ them as I have below.

The following are the most notorious roatpkers who have been forgotten by the forums 









@King Falador


@Apple Pie



@ima cool kid



@Gym Life

@raja kredre


@Jag E Svensk



@Requiem Af


@Sage fest

@ml gudi





  @On Purpose






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First of all no one forgets me mfer never will second I'm around every so often I am glad to be remembered in a post but we still out here

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half of the people in your List are playing on alts you dumb idiot thats how much they care over you. Nobody cares over a spamming ape.

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