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Another Tank Test

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You also recorded yourself having rng lol gratz all they needed was a spearer waiting at enterace to spear you to multis which is 2 speces + 2 more speces = you dead :L don't know if you can brag over tanking when you vidded yourself getting chanced left and right.

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2 hours ago, Waka2chins said:

This game is rng at the end of the day,i did get chanced yes but i got away and thats all the vid is about.

So ? Why did you vid it when nobody cares over it?..

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17 hours ago, Fruitiest said:

Why were you recording yourself killing greater demons?

Shadowplay saves last 5 min of gameplay

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34 minutes ago, Snakebosskil said:

Wow, you done tanked that whole team. I am best pvm player in world, killed corp and snake boss many times, and am very impressed. 


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