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The current state of donator cave

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Make only one Account logged in at a time be able to enter the donator zone any staff member can go peek the d zone right now and see 5 alt accounts standing in regular donator zone scouting. It’s cancerous ruins the whole point of it even being a dangerous area by the time you make it to legend zone to feast on some poor innocent noob they’ve already got a log out because their donator alt watched me run up their not good at all IMO this needs to happen. ASAP.

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I have brought this to the attention of the roatpk staff and as the staff manager of roatpk I agree to everything this man has said  

5 hours ago, JBLIND said:

I agree 

No no i AGREE

2 hours ago, Khalil said:


I support your support

2 hours ago, Fantastic said:

Agree 100%

I agree 1000% @Killbob

25 minutes ago, Killbob said:

@Xex staff are commenting comment too to fit in


3 hours ago, Fruitiest said:

Good idea.

I think so too!

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Somthing need to be done if youre going to take our money the donator cave shouldnt be so toxic multi zone and 30+ wildy i dont think whoever didnt think this thought it makes it point less to donate on this sever no real benifits change the donator caves asap and youll see youre rsps strive more stop making these places for clans


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